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Home News New York! are you ready to make a history?

New York! are you ready to make a history?

Ali Raza  .  Tuesday May 19, 2020
 . Updates & Features
At this point, when I am writing this email, New York is the most infected state by Corona Virus. More than 52,000 people are infected with this disease and even a bigger number is infected emotionally and financially. 

In this tough situation, we all are advised to stay in our homes. Mosques are closed, businesses are down and there is no place to connect. But people are still doing their best to find the solutions for the problems we are involved in. 

Earlier this month IslamicFinder launched a new version of Athan. This is our next step to connect Muslims of New York. Previously you could only see the events and places for Muslims. Now you can start communicating with your local Muslims. You can ask them questions and share your thoughts. 

We believe in helping people when they need us. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with our local Muslims and help them while keeping the social distance.

Our brothers and sisters have already started using this online community to help other Muslims: 
When we think about the community we can see the hundreds of possibilities to help our Muslims living as a minority. 

Just think what you can do here and join the community. 

May Allah keep us safe, healthy and full of Imaan in this tough situation.

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