The leading website for Muslims all over the world, IslamicFinder, has remained a trusted source of information for them for years. Starting from prayer times service, this platform excelled in all areas and kept adding new features to the website to make it a one-stop solution for the needs of the global Muslim community.

Recently, the website introduced the much-awaited feature of Quran. It not just added the holy Quran to its website but also made sure its users get to know the meaning of the glorified book with the help of translation and transliteration.

Have you read the Holy Quran on IslamicFinder? Here’s a step by step guide for you to make the best use of this feature.


Not everyone is able to understand Arabic. To make sure everyone gets to understand the Holy book, IslamicFinder has added translation of the Arabic text in several different languages.


To make it readable for those who are not able to read Arabic properly, IslamicFinder has added the feature of transliteration to the website. With the help of transliteration, Arabic script can be read properly by converting it into English script.

If you don’t like transliteration, you can switch it off from the button on the right side of the screen as shown in the picture below.


When reading Quran, it is important to be comfortable and read the text with ease. To make this possible, IslamicFinder has introduced two themes:

  • Day (Beige)
  • Night (Dark Grey)

The readers can change the theme anytime they want without refreshing the page and continue reading at their pace with great ease.

Font size

Cannot read the tiny text? Worry no more. Quran by IslamicFinder allows you to smoothly adjust the font size to make the text readable. All you have to do is to drag and drop the slider on the right side of the screen to minimize or maximize the font size.

Shortcut to reach your Surah

Let’s help you in reaching your desired surah in no time. If you know the number of the Surah you want to recite, simply adjust the URL. For example, you want to recite surah Bakrah and its surah number is 2, adjust the URL as shown below:

Quran Homepage: (

Shortcut to your Surah: (

If you know your ayah number too, add it to the URL as shown below:

Shortcut to Surah Bakrah, ayah 100:(

We hope this will help you understand the Quran feature by IslamicFinder in a better way. Make Quran a part of your life and recite it daily. Happy reading!