We all seek inspiration. It is, after all, what drives us. As humans, we search for role models, people we aspire to be, people we can look up to and people we learn from. The sahabah, companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), were exactly that; role models. They were the greatest generation in the history of mankind.

The most beloved of creations for Allah are His prophets and His messengers, possessing the highest of ranks in Jannah, and after them, comes the sahabah, who possess the second highest rankings in Jannah. There is not an inkling of doubt that the best role model for humankind is the Prophet (PBUH) himself, as he was a living and breathing practical example of all that is the Holy Quran and its teachings. And the sahabah followed none but the Prophet (PBUH) himself. They dedicated their whole lives to the cause of Islam and followed in the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH) in all spheres of their lives, without question. In essence, if we follow the way of life led by the sahabah, we are following the Prophet (PBUH)’s way of life.

The Sahabah were the best of followers

Their virtues were immense and cannot be matched in this day and age, for they were the earliest companions who stood by the Prophet (PBUH) since Islam’s inception and all the hardships that came with it. They sacrificed their lives and everything they owned for the sake of Islam and the message it carried. They are the reason the Quran and Sunnah were successfully transmitted and recorded for the generations to come.

The Prophet (PBUH) was asked, “Who are the best people?” He replied: “The people of my generation, and then those who will follow (come after) them, and then those who will come after the later” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 78, Hadith 652).

The sahabah loved Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (PBUH) more than anything else. Who else would make better role models for us to follow than the people whose sole purpose of life was to devote themselves completely to Allah (SWT) and His Messenger.

All the sahabah were of different dispositions and personalities. They differed in their backgrounds, their mindsets and their way of life. But the point to note here is that even though they were so different from one another, their level of faith and belief united them as one, in the name of Islam. It is their diversity that leads us to learn something new from each and every sahabah, for they excelled in different aspects.

What was most admirable about the sahabah was their undying faith in the Almighty and their relentless struggle towards building their life in the hereafter. They knew, with every bone in their body, that it is not the material things of this temporary world that will carry them to Jannah, but it is their steadfastness in the religion of Islam. They considered the Prophet (PBUH) as their leader, their friend and an ultimate and perfect guide to this life and the hereafter. Hence, their loyalty and love for him was unparalleled and unshaken through all the afflictions that came their way.

They protected Islam during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and continued to strengthen and fortify it even after his passing. It was the sahabah who made it their life’s mission to spread the beautiful message of Islam to the far corners of the world. One cannot perceive of better models of inspiration, for Allah (SWT) is most pleased with them and in following them, we will incur Allah’s (SWT) pleasure as well, insha’Allah.

The author

Amna Anwaar