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How to Inspire a Love of Ramadan In Your Children?
IslamicFinder . March 31, 2022 . Knowledge

Follow these 5 steps to make this Ramadan a truly memorable one for your kids!

Birthplace of Isa (AS)
Arshia Nisar . January 01, 2018 . Knowledge

Let's learn a little about the old city of Bethlehem.

Birth of Jesus in the Quran
Arshia Nisar . December 27, 2017 . Knowledge

The birth of Prophet Isa (AS) - Jesus is one of the many miracles of Allah (SWT).

Isa ibn e Maryam - Jesus in Islam
Amna Anwaar . December 25, 2017 . Knowledge

Learn about the life of Jesus, son of Mary. Prophet Isa (AS) ibn e Maryam in Islam according to Al Quran.

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?
Arshia Nisar . December 22, 2017 . Lifestyle

The Christmas season is upon us so let's discuss if Muslims celebrate Christmas.

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