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4-Step Guide to Keep Sinful Thoughts At Bay
IslamicFinder . May 19, 2022 . Knowledge

Don’t let a weak moment play a role in your life that you may regret later.

11 Ways to Bring Barakah In Our Life
IslamicFinder . January 30, 2022 . Knowledge

11 simple ways to regain the most essential component needed to lead a successful life - "Barakah"

A Brief Overview On Halal Cosmetics
IslamicFinder . January 13, 2022 . Knowledge

What is Halal Cosmetics and what do we need to know about it? Let's understand it from an Islamic perspective!

Is Celebrating New Year Forbidden In Islam?
IslamicFinder . December 30, 2021 . Updates & Features

As Muslims, are we allowed to congratulate Non-Muslims on their New Year celebration? Learn what Islam says about it.

The Meaning Behind Zawal and Istiwa in Islam
IslamicFinder . December 28, 2021 . Knowledge

Zawal and Istiwa - Let's learn the difference between the given Islamic terminologies.

5 Halal Cosmetic Brands you need to try!
Warda Zahid . April 06, 2018 . Lifestyle

These 5 brands are a must try.

Is Forex Trading allowed in Islam?
Amna Anwaar . November 07, 2017 . Knowledge

Forex Trading is often used as investment but let's look at it from an Islamic perspective.

Are anti-aging surgeries haram?
Amna Anwaar . October 23, 2017 . Lifestyle

Anti-aging surgeries have become very common nowadays. IslamicFinder gives you an insight into the issue from a Shariah perspective.

Is Halal meat healthier?
Arshia Nisar . October 17, 2017 . Knowledge

Halal meat is consumed by Muslims all over the world but there might be some logic behind its consumption.

What is Bidah and how to avoid it?
Omam Khalid . September 15, 2017 . Knowledge

Bidah is very common in today's age so how can you prevent yourself from doing it?

Is Ludo Star Halal or Haram?
Omam Khalid . September 14, 2017 . Knowledge

Ludo Star is all the rage nowadays. But is it Halal?

The Correct Method of Slaughtering Animals in Islam
Amna Anwaar . September 05, 2017 . Lifestyle

Islam teaches us the process of slaughtering animals in the most humane way possible.

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