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These 25 Activities in NYC are going to make your weekend way more exciting!
Rida Ghaffar . January 31, 2020 . Current Affairs

Check out what's new this weekend for you.

What is the Importance of Orphans in Islam?
Rida Ghaffar . November 12, 2019 . Current Affairs

Learn how taking care of Orphans is an essential part of Islam and how you can contribute.

Become a Part of these Trending Local Events for Muslims in NYC on Athan by IslamicFinder’s Muslim Community!
Rida Ghaffar . November 07, 2019 . Current Affairs

Get to know all about Exciting upcoming Events of November.

This Islamic Center at NYC is hosting various Muharram Events as Ashura approaches!
Rida Ghaffar . September 04, 2019 . Current Affairs

Find out about the informative gatherings planned in these First 11 days of Muharram.

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