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Home News This Islamic Center at NYC is hosting various Muharram Events as Ashura approaches!

This Islamic Center at NYC is hosting various Muharram Events as Ashura approaches!

Rida Ghaffar  .  Thursday October 31, 2019
 . Current Affairs

Ashura falls on the 10th day of Muharram, which is the first month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar. In Islam, it is considered as a month of pure sacredness and sanctity; being one of the four months that Allah chose to be sacred. In this month and the occasion of Ashura; Muslims should highly adhere to patience. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is reported to have said:

“The year is twelve months of which four are sacred, the three consecutive months of Dhul-Qa'dah, Dhul-Hijjah and Muharram, and Rajab Mudar which comes between Jumadah and Sha'ban" (Al-Bukhari, 2958).

 See also: Al Quran Online

This Ashura, let’s turn to Allah(SWT) and ask Him to bestow us with the ability to perform good deeds and gain His reward. Moreover, pray for this New Islamic Year to be one of peace, solidarity, harmony and cooperation for Muslims across the globe.

Athan by IslamicFinder has recently launched its Local Muslims Community feature in New York, USA; which shows various events coming up every month. You can easily find these events in the Community feature of Athan App by IslamicFinder.  

(Download Athan App now and stay updated!)

Muharram events especially in regards to Ashura are being held Islamic Center at New York University. The details are as follows:

You Are What You Eat (Interfaith Majlis)

Date: 04 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/eVQe

Mindfulness in Islamic Tradition by Sheikh Faiyyaz Jaffer

Date: 05 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/xv1Q

The Ultimate Purpose of Creation ( Women's Poetry after Majlis)

Date: 06 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/VwpW

Building Prophetic Community by Sheikh Faiyyaz Jaffer

Date: 07 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/M3GF

Love in the Supplications of Ahlul Bayt

Date: 08 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/4pRL

The verse of Mawwada

Date: 09 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/zQJx

Grand Ashura Majlis at ICNYU

Date:10 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/RnL9

The Revolution Post Karbala

Date: 11 September 2019

For Details, visit: https://athaninvite.page.link/Zhjj

May Allah(SWT) help those working for such causes and bestow them with Ajar (reward) along with making things easy for the whole Muslim Ummah. Ameen.

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