Athan by IslamicFinder is an App designed meant to be integrated in the daily lives of Muslims all across the world. Being the largest Muslim Community worldwide, the launch of the Community has made waves since its introduction. The platform itself is a world of opportunities and the people of New York surely marked it up in the best way possible till now. Currently, Muslim Community is operated by more than a hundred thousand users, only in NYC for the time being.

This platform shows various events coming up every month so there’s no chance for you to miss! There are many events lined up this weekend and there’s no way to miss them . You can easily find these events in the Muslim Community feature of Athan App by IslamicFinder. Some of the events coming up soon are as follows:

Masjid Al Baqi Community Breakfast

Masjid Al Baqi 

Saturday, 10th August 2019

Free community breakfast open to everyone. Come with your friends and family every Saturday 8:30 to 10am.

Long Island Water Lantern Festival

Bar Beach

Saturday, 10th August 2019

Water Lantern Festival is an amazing experience where you'll witness the magic of lanterns as they light up the water. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

Twas the night before Eid

Performing Arts Mosaic, Mipsterz - Muslim Hipsters, IslamInSpanish and HI New York City Hostel

Saturday, 10th August 2019

Pop-up bazaar! Food! Performances! Your favorite organizations are working together to create an Eid celebration open to all! Eid al-Adha* will begin on August 10th at sundown and we will be bringing it in with the ENTIRE COMMUNITY!

The night before eid (aka Chaand Raat aka Laylat al-Eid) is celebrated in many parts of the world and for the last few years in nyc by our friends at apt 107. This year, Performing Arts Mosaic, HI New York City, Islamic Relief, Mipsterz, Muppies, Esencia de Mujer, Turkish Cultural Center, IslamInSpanish, and Deaf Muslim Association are coming together to bring the community together. Whether Eid is your holiday or not, you’re invited to the celebration!

Day of Arafah Iftar

MAS Youth Center

Saturday, 10th August 2019

Eid Interfeast

Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee

Monday, 12th August 2019

Please join the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee for an Eid celebration at Leeron's Murray Hill home. Let's take a moment out of the madness that surrounds us and come together to celebrate and heal.

This event is a potluck, please bring a vegetarian or halal dish with you to share with everyone.

In his footsteps:Characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H 

MAS Youth Center

Friday,  16th August 2019

Not only should we always be following the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH, but also trying to implement his mannerism and actions in our lives as a means of trying to be as much like him as possible.

Download Athan App now and get a chance to be a part of all these exciting events and stay updated!

The author

Rida Ghaffar