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Tips to stay hydrated during Ramadan

Rida Ghaffar  .  Wednesday March 24, 2021
 . Lifestyle

If you fast regularly every year, you know how hard it is to refrain yourself from getting your hands on water and quenching your thirst right away. Indeed, it is difficult because the purpose of fasting is to teach you self-control and build patience within you. 

Let us talk about how you can take care of your hydration levels to make your fast easier. Here are six tips to stay hydrated during Ramadan:

1. Drink lots of water

Yes, obviously! Drink, drink and drink as much water as you can between Iftar and Suhoor. It will replenish your thirst and energy levels. Water is the cure for many problems such as constipation, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and dry skin. If you want an added benefit, get yourself hooked on lukewarm water because it is also great for digestion.

2. Refrain from sugary fluids

Yes, that is right! No juices for you, especially during Suhoor. Any food item with sugar will dehydrate your body way faster than you think. Get yourself green salads loaded with vegetables that are high in water content instead. 

Take Ramadan as an opportunity to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

3. Choice of clothing

You may not realize it, but clothing plays a big part in sustaining hydration levels in your body. 

For instance, you would want to stay away from black when you are outdoors because it attracts heatwaves and makes you lose water in the form of sweat. 

If Ramadan falls in the summer, stick to light clothing with pastel shades. 

4. Say no to salty foods

Foods containing high volumes of sodium trigger thirst throughout the fasting hours of the day. The wise choice is to avoid such items during Suhoor. 

5. Work out daily

The idea of working out may seem daunting at first, but you must realize the value it holds. When you exercise, your body releases toxins and other harmful elements that cause dehydration. 

Do not forget to compensate for the amount of water loss by drinking it before you sleep and at Suhoor.

6. Break your fasts with dates

Dates help with hydration since they are a natural source of glucose and are great fuel for energy. Dates are also power-packed with nutrients and vitamins that can help your body through the month of fasting. 

Let's incorporate these useful tips during Ramadan this year and reap all the benefits. May Allah make your journey easier. Ameen

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