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Prayer Times in Cameroon


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Cameroon

15 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1440 Hijri

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Bamenda 05:36 AM 06:35 AM 12:31 PM 03:54 PM 06:26 PM 07:27 PM 01:52 AM
Douala 05:35 AM 06:34 AM 12:33 PM 03:56 PM 06:31 PM 07:31 PM 01:53 AM
Yaoundé 05:28 AM 06:27 AM 12:26 PM 03:49 PM 06:24 PM 07:24 PM 01:46 AM
Doualayel 05:27 AM 06:27 AM 12:21 PM 03:43 PM 06:15 PM 07:15 PM 01:43 AM
Bamenda Division 05:35 AM 06:34 AM 12:30 PM 03:53 PM 06:25 PM 07:26 PM 01:51 AM
Bamenda Plateau 05:35 AM 06:34 AM 12:29 PM 03:51 PM 06:24 PM 07:24 PM 01:50 AM
Quoko 05:20 AM 06:19 AM 12:14 PM 03:35 PM 06:07 PM 07:08 PM 01:35 AM
Kumbo 05:34 AM 06:34 AM 12:29 PM 03:52 PM 06:24 PM 07:24 PM 01:50 AM
Bamenda Highlands 05:35 AM 06:34 AM 12:29 PM 03:51 PM 06:24 PM 07:24 PM 01:50 AM
Maroua 05:26 AM 06:25 AM 12:15 PM 03:34 PM 06:03 PM 07:04 PM 01:37 AM
Ngaoundéré 05:24 AM 06:24 AM 12:18 PM 03:39 PM 06:11 PM 07:11 PM 01:39 AM
Garoua 05:28 AM 06:27 AM 12:18 PM 03:39 PM 06:09 PM 07:09 PM 01:41 AM
Ualo 05:18 AM 06:17 AM 12:15 PM 03:38 PM 06:12 PM 07:12 PM 01:36 AM
Bertoua 05:20 AM 06:19 AM 12:17 PM 03:40 PM 06:14 PM 07:14 PM 01:38 AM
Jakiri 05:34 AM 06:34 AM 12:29 PM 03:52 PM 06:24 PM 07:25 PM 01:50 AM
Kousseri 05:25 AM 06:25 AM 12:12 PM 03:31 PM 05:58 PM 06:59 PM 01:36 AM
Udum-Jarei 05:27 AM 06:27 AM 12:16 PM 03:36 PM 06:04 PM 07:05 PM 01:38 AM
Ngaoundere 05:20 AM 06:19 AM 12:16 PM 03:38 PM 06:12 PM 07:12 PM 01:36 AM
Udu 05:18 AM 06:17 AM 12:15 PM 03:38 PM 06:12 PM 07:12 PM 01:36 AM
Uro Mali 05:30 AM 06:29 AM 12:22 PM 03:43 PM 06:13 PM 07:14 PM 01:43 AM
Uo 05:25 AM 06:24 AM 12:24 PM 03:48 PM 06:24 PM 07:24 PM 01:44 AM
Uem 05:32 AM 06:32 AM 12:30 PM 03:53 PM 06:28 PM 07:28 PM 01:50 AM
Vobok 05:20 AM 06:20 AM 12:13 PM 03:35 PM 06:06 PM 07:07 PM 01:34 AM
Jurum 05:24 AM 06:24 AM 12:16 PM 03:37 PM 06:07 PM 07:07 PM 01:37 AM
Uben Ikang 05:39 AM 06:38 AM 12:36 PM 03:59 PM 06:34 PM 07:34 PM 01:56 AM
Uven Creek 05:40 AM 06:40 AM 12:37 PM 04:00 PM 06:34 PM 07:35 PM 01:58 AM


All Cities and Towns in Cameroon

Cameroon (general)
N:4.116667, E:13.3
Cameroon (general)
N:5.6, E:14.05
Cameroon (general)
N:4.133333, E:12.433333
Cameroon (general)
N:2.9833333, E:11.65
Cameroon (general)
N:6.9333334, E:10.55
Cameroon (general)
N:6.9333334, E:10.55
Cameroon (general)
N:6.9333334, E:10.55
Cameroon (general)
N:12.1, E:14.7
Cameroon (general)
N:6.9333334, E:10.55
Cameroon (general)
N:3.2333333, E:13.6
Cameroon (general)
N:5.383333, E:8.933333
Cameroon (general)
N:4.05, E:12.9
Cameroon (general)
N:3.7666667, E:11.783333
Cameroon (general)
N:4.05, E:12.85
Cameroon (general)
N:2.6, E:10.083333
Cameroon (general)
N:4.55, E:8.516666
Abana Shoals
Cameroon (general)
N:4.55, E:8.483334
Cameroon (general)
N:4.4166665, E:11.533333
Abane Okweng
Cameroon (general)
N:2.9833333, E:11.466667
Cameroon (general)
N:2.1833334, E:10.483334
Abang I
Cameroon (general)
N:3.6333332, E:11.5
Abang II
Cameroon (general)
N:3.5833333, E:11.283333
Abang Mindi
Cameroon (general)
N:3.45, E:11.383333
Cameroon (general)
N:2.3333333, E:11.433333
Cameroon (general)
N:3.8333333, E:11.8
Cameroon (general)
N:4.3166666, E:11.316667
Cameroon (general)
N:3.3, E:11.85
Cameroon (general)
N:4.0666666, E:14.533333
Cameroon (general)
N:12.083333, E:14.916667
Cameroon (general)
N:12.533333, E:14.35
Cameroon (general)
N:3.95, E:12.183333
Cameroon (general)
N:12.683333, E:14.283333
Cameroon (general)
N:2.4166667, E:11.3
Cameroon (general)
N:5.35, E:9.233334
Cameroon (general)
N:2.6666667, E:10.85
Cameroon (general)
N:4.133333, E:14.633333
Cameroon (general)
N:2.7833333, E:13.2
Cameroon (general)
N:4.4166665, E:14.516666
Cameroon (general)
N:2.4333334, E:12.283333
Cameroon (general)
N:4.2833333, E:11.416667
Cameroon (general)
N:4.0333333, E:14.816667
Cameroon (general)
N:11.066667, E:14.8
Cameroon (general)
N:2.4166667, E:10.416667
Cameroon (general)
N:4.483333, E:11.2
Abembe I
Cameroon (general)
N:3.6833334, E:11.666667
Abembe II
Cameroon (general)
N:3.7166667, E:11.683333
Cameroon (general)
N:4.3, E:13.333333
Cameroon (general)
N:2.5333333, E:11.566667
Cameroon (general)
N:11.983334, E:14.983334
Cameroon (general)
N:3.6833334, E:11.683333
Cameroon (general)
N:4.4166665, E:14.5
Cameroon (general)
N:4.45, E:13.616667
Cameroon (general)
N:4.65, E:13.233334
Cameroon (general)
N:2.3333333, E:10.65
Abete Bela
Cameroon (general)
N:2.3, E:10.9
Cameroon (general)
N:4.233333, E:10.283333
Cameroon (general)
N:12.266666, E:14.583333
Cameroon (general)
N:2.6, E:14.133333
Cameroon (general)
N:2.7166667, E:11.5
Cameroon (general)
N:4.65, E:13.233334

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