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Prayer Times in Israel


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Israel

25 Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1443 Hijri


All Cities and Towns in Israel

Kafr Qasim
Central District
N:32.1142, E:34.9739
Central District
N:32.05, E:34.8667
N:32.4667, E:35.0
Karme Yosef
Central District
N:31.8483, E:34.9202
Northern District
N:32.9172, E:35.3042
Kefar Ahim
Southern District
N:31.7444, E:34.7561
Kefar Daniyyel
Central District
N:31.9333, E:34.9311
Kefar Habad
Central District
N:31.9867, E:34.8511
Kefar HaNagid
Central District
N:31.8833, E:34.7667
Kefar Menahem
Southern District
N:31.7314, E:34.8355
Kefar Monash
Central District
N:32.3471, E:34.9163
Kefar Netter
Central District
N:32.273, E:34.8735
Kefar Silver
Southern District
N:31.6732, E:34.6118
Kefar Sirkin
Central District
N:32.0767, E:34.9283
Kefar Tavor
Northern District
N:32.6866, E:35.4212
Kefar Witqin
Central District
N:32.3813, E:34.8774
Kefar Yona
Central District
N:32.3167, E:34.9351
Kfar Hess
Central District
N:32.2464, E:34.935
Kfar Saba
Central District
N:32.1817, E:34.9358
Northern District
N:32.7226, E:35.5662
Kiryat Netafim

N:32.1169, E:35.1122
Southern District
N:31.3749, E:34.3984
Southern District
N:31.5613, E:34.8431
Southern District
N:31.3701, E:34.8145
Li On
N:31.6774, E:34.9346
Central District
N:31.9514, E:34.8953
maale adumim
N:31.7823, E:35.3075
maalot Tarshiha
Northern District
N:33.0167, E:35.2667
Southern District
N:31.4497, E:34.6548
Southern District
N:31.2991, E:34.4275
N:32.3851, E:35.0368
Northern District
N:32.8898, E:35.407
Central District
N:32.0486, E:34.9022
Majd el Kurum
Northern District
N:32.9194, E:35.2672
Southern District
N:31.3248, E:34.5906
Northern District
N:32.6837, E:35.5985
Central District
N:32.1586, E:34.9741
Mazkeret Batya
Central District
N:31.8539, E:34.8386
Central District
N:31.9061, E:34.8731
Central District
N:32.0533, E:34.9275
Ma`agan Mikha'el
N:32.5555, E:34.9164
Ma`oz Hayyim
Northern District
N:32.4833, E:35.55
Southern District
N:31.5013, E:34.5637
N:32.7167, E:34.95
Northern District
N:32.5747, E:35.1756
Southern District
N:31.3273, E:34.9385
Northern District
N:32.7638, E:35.5531
Northern District
N:32.6083, E:35.3083
Mesillat Ziyyon
N:31.802, E:35.0109
Southern District
N:31.3264, E:34.9395
Mevo horon

N:31.8488, E:35.0358
Northern District
N:32.8392, E:35.5014
Migdal Ha`Emeq
Northern District
N:32.6714, E:35.2406
Central District
N:32.4054, E:34.8709
Misgav Dov
Central District
N:31.8167, E:34.7333
Misgav Regional Council
Northern District
N:32.8611, E:35.2569
Mishmar Dawid
Central District
N:31.8228, E:34.9005
Mishmar HaNegev
Southern District
N:31.3642, E:34.7187
Mishmar HaSharon
Central District
N:32.3569, E:34.9036
N:32.4872, E:34.9832

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