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Prayer Times in Saudi Arabia


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Saudi Arabia

10 Shawwal, 1445 Hijri


All Cities and Towns in Saudi Arabia

Abal `Abla
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.636667, E:43.756943
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:18.733334, E:42.266666
Aban Ahmar
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.496944, E:42.781387
Aban al Ahmar
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.496944, E:42.781387
Aban al Asmar
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.816944, E:42.980835
Aban Asmar
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.816944, E:42.980835
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.935556, E:49.668335
Abar Aba al Hamam
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.889444, E:49.75639
Abar Aba an Nawadis
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.501667, E:50.071667
Abar Abraqiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:24.022223, E:45.794724
Abar Abu Hayaya
N:22.802221, E:41.997223
Abar Abu Irjil
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.810833, E:48.651943
Abar Abu Kalb
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.810833, E:48.678333
Abar Abu Khirqah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:30.017778, E:41.206944
Abar Abu Khuwaymah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.9875, E:48.598057
Abar Abu Safah
Al Jawf
N:30.114445, E:41.467777
Abar Abu `Idbulah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.544722, E:49.56333
Abar Abu `Irzilah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.481945, E:50.738335
Abar ad Dabdab
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.58639, E:48.89639
Abar ad Dub`iyah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.461111, E:47.33139
Abar ad Dulaymiyah
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:28.945555, E:45.668335
Abar ad Duwayris
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.416666, E:50.91528
Abar Akhdar al Ma'
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:30.815, E:42.254166
Abar al Atwilah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.326666, E:49.210278
Abar al Badayi`
N:22.283333, E:40.538055
Abar al Bahath
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.930277, E:50.09722
Abar al Bajsah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.883888, E:48.446667
Abar al Baridah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.757223, E:51.52639
Abar al Batha'
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.507778, E:49.594166
Abar al Bawbahiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.583334, E:40.666668
Abar al Bid`
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.402779, E:42.88139
Abar al Bijadiyah
Ar Riyad
N:24.588333, E:46.232224
Abar al Buday`ah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:24.885279, E:45.248055
Abar al Fuqay`iyah
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:28.966667, E:45.663887
Abar al Furuthiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.84, E:48.498055
Abar al Ghawwajiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.62861, E:49.72139
Abar al Ghaymar
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.445833, E:42.531387
Abar al Ghuwayrah
Ar Riyad
N:24.742222, E:47.486946
Abar al Habkah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.841389, E:42.287777
Abar al Hafa'ir
Ar Riyad
N:25.186945, E:47.0925
Abar al Hafayir
N:22.295834, E:40.53278
Abar al Hamdaniyah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.55139, E:50.74389
Abar al Hamrur
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.991667, E:50.545834
Abar al Hanbali
Ar Riyad
N:27.321388, E:45.072224
Abar al Hashasiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.672222, E:50.035
Abar al Hifnah
Ar Riyad
N:25.709444, E:46.55722
Abar al Hijrah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.135555, E:49.020557
Abar al Hubaykah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.8275, E:42.28611
Abar al Hudayq
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.235, E:43.055
Abar al Hufayyirah
Ar Riyad
N:25.930555, E:46.523888
Abar al Humayj
N:22.855833, E:41.651943
Abar al Humaysiyah
Ar Riyad
N:25.971945, E:46.50083
Abar al Husanah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.24639, E:39.293888
Abar al Ikmum
N:22.772223, E:41.95
Abar al Izami
Ash Sharqiyah
N:25.868055, E:48.872776
Abar al Jafiyah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:25.13861, E:47.52639
Abar al Jawzali
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:30.6225, E:42.06389
Abar al Jifn
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.353333, E:49.150555
Abar al Jirthamah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.620556, E:49.516666
Abar al Juhayyimi
Ash Sharqiyah
N:26.75361, E:49.31861

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