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Prayer Times in Saudi Arabia


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Saudi Arabia

12 Shawwal, 1445 Hijri


All Cities and Towns in Saudi Arabia

Abar an Nukhayl
Ar Riyad
N:26.532778, E:45.20222
Abar an Nukhaylah
Al Jawf
N:30.340279, E:41.311943
Abar ar Righifiyat
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.341389, E:40.131668
Abar ar Rumadah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.578333, E:40.72278
Abar ar Ruq`i
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.017778, E:46.545
Abar as Sab`
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.84639, E:45.20222
Abar as Saih
Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah
N:31.229166, E:40.878613
Abar as Saji
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.669722, E:48.75861
Abar as Sanduq
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.570278, E:41.871113
Abar as Sa`aq
N:22.692223, E:41.563057
Abar as Sidr
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.621944, E:42.444168
Abar as Silay`
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.26111, E:44.91139
Abar as Sirr
N:27.385555, E:41.42889
Abar as Sufayra'
N:27.364721, E:41.479168
Abar as Sufr
Al Jawf
N:30.146667, E:41.53528
Abar as Sufur
Al Jawf
N:30.146667, E:41.53528
Abar as Suqiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.272223, E:42.731388
Abar ash Shibak
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.225555, E:48.969444
Abar ash Shikriyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.436388, E:49.629444
Abar ash Shumaysah
Ar Riyad
N:24.838333, E:45.690834
Abar ash Shurayyi`ah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.066668, E:48.466667
Abar at Tayyim
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:28.0425, E:42.003334
Abar at Tuwayrifah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.196667, E:51.489445
Abar at Tuwi
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.2625, E:49.203888
Abar ath Thubatah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.127222, E:40.871666
Abar ath Thumamah
Ar Riyad
N:25.415556, E:46.827778
Abar az Zahiriyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.575556, E:43.51139
Abar az Zarnuqah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.055, E:49.726112
Abar az Zughayn
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.61111, E:50.006943
Abar az Zuhayri
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:29.319723, E:40.22889
Abar Batha'
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.025278, E:51.501945
Abar Baynaha
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.2425, E:50.296112
Abar Bayt
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:28.049444, E:39.26889
Abar Bikhrah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:23.1875, E:50.695835
Abar Buhayliq
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.25, E:50.326946
Abar Bujays
Ash Sharqiyah
N:27.90639, E:48.389168
Abar Buraydan
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.83361, E:50.969723
Abar Buruqiyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.492777, E:48.217777
Abar Buthayyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.104445, E:43.323055
Abar Bu`ayj
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.675833, E:50.631943
Abar Dabah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:28.009722, E:43.685833
Abar Daghabaj
N:22.389166, E:40.710278
Abar Dharqan
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.009445, E:43.982777
Abar Dubayb
Ash Sharqiyah
N:26.832222, E:49.199722
Abar el- Waziriya
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:21.45, E:39.266666
Abar el-Shifaiya
Al Madinah
N:23.824722, E:39.1425
Abar Ghabra' ar Risha'
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.9, E:50.566666
Abar Gharghar
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:24.953611, E:45.21611
Abar Ghubayshah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.9325, E:45.133335
Abar Ghunayjan
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:25.8675, E:43.141945
Abar Hadba'
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:27.116945, E:41.446945
Abar Haqshah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.765833, E:50.175556
Abar Harad
Ash Sharqiyah
N:24.241667, E:49.18639
Abar Harqan
Ar Riyad
N:25.075277, E:46.228333
Abar Hashm al Haddah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.495, E:49.60361
Abar Hirrah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.625834, E:50.965
Abar Hisniyah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:24.782778, E:45.076946
Abar Hubayyah
Ash Sharqiyah
N:26.630833, E:49.318054
Abar Hudbah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:22.752777, E:50.365833
Abar Hulayyibah
Saudi Arabia (general)
N:26.679445, E:49.515835

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