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Prayer Times in Slovenia


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Slovenia

11 Ramadan, 1444 Hijri


All Cities and Towns in Slovenia

Slovenia (general)
N:46.133335, E:14.416667
Slovenia (general)
N:46.292778, E:14.291111
Slovenia (general)
N:45.866665, E:15.6
Zelen Breg
Slovenia (general)
N:46.566666, E:14.916667
Slovenia (general)
N:46.416668, E:14.25
Slovenia (general)
N:46.233334, E:14.166667
Zeleznicka Postaja Vreme
Slovenia (general)
N:45.664444, E:14.031944
Zeleznicka Stanica Bled-Jezero
Slovenia (general)
N:46.366665, E:14.083333
Zeleznicka Stanica Herpelje-Kozina
Slovenia (general)
N:45.6, E:13.933333
Zeleznicka Stanica Hoce
Slovenia (general)
N:46.5, E:15.666667
Zeleznicka Stanica Holmec
Slovenia (general)
N:46.566666, E:14.866667
Zeleznicka Stanica Kocna
Slovenia (general)
N:46.416668, E:14.1
Zeleznicka Stanica Lesce-Bled
Slovenia (general)
N:46.366665, E:14.166667
Zeleznicka Stanica Ljubljana-Polje
Slovenia (general)
N:46.066666, E:14.583333
Zeleznicka Stanica Ljubljana-Rakovnik
Slovenia (general)
N:46.05, E:14.533333
Zeleznicka Stanica Ljubljana-Siska
Slovenia (general)
N:46.066666, E:14.5
Zeleznicka Stanica Lovrenc
Slovenia (general)
N:46.4, E:15.783333
Zeleznicka Stanica Maribor-Studenci
Slovenia (general)
N:46.566666, E:15.616667
Zeleznicka Stanica Moskanjci
Slovenia (general)
N:46.433334, E:15.983334
Zeleznicka Stanica Otoce
Slovenia (general)
N:46.316666, E:14.233334
Zeleznicka Stanica Planica
Slovenia (general)
N:46.5, E:13.733334
Zeleznicka Stanica Planina
Slovenia (general)
N:45.864166, E:14.279722
Zeleznicka Stanica Ruta
Slovenia (general)
N:46.566666, E:15.433333
Zeleznicka Stanica Sentjost
Slovenia (general)
N:46.25, E:14.333333
Zeleznicka Stanica Slovenski Javornik
Slovenia (general)
N:46.433334, E:14.1
Zeleznicka Stanica Smarje-Sap
Slovenia (general)
N:45.975834, E:14.609722
Zeleznicka Stanica Soteska
Slovenia (general)
N:46.304443, E:14.050278
Zeleznicka Stanica Strnisce
Slovenia (general)
N:46.4, E:15.783333
Zeleznicka Stanica Sutla
Slovenia (general)
N:45.898056, E:15.658333
Zeleznicka Stanica Sveti Lovrenc
Slovenia (general)
N:46.566666, E:15.433333
Zeleznicka Stanica Trebnje ne Dolenskem
Slovenia (general)
N:45.909443, E:15.003889
Zeleznicka Stanica Verd
Slovenia (general)
N:45.948612, E:14.310833
Zeleznicka Stanica Videm-Krsko
Slovenia (general)
N:45.954166, E:15.4975
Zeleznicka Stanica Vizmarje
Slovenia (general)
N:46.1, E:14.483334
Zeleznicka Stanica Vreme
Slovenia (general)
N:45.664444, E:14.031944
Obcina Zelezniki
N:46.2333, E:14.1667
N:46.2125, E:14.105833
Zelezniska Postaja Beltinci
Slovenia (general)
N:46.625, E:16.216667
Zelezniska Postaja Brezice
Slovenia (general)
N:45.927776, E:15.589723
Zelezniska Postaja Dubova
Slovenia (general)
N:45.905, E:15.635555
Zelezniska Postaja Lendava
Slovenia (general)
N:46.552223, E:16.45
Zelezniska Postaja Ljutomer
Slovenia (general)
N:46.52, E:16.200832
Zelezniska Postaja Ljutomer Mesto
Slovenia (general)
N:46.505554, E:16.208334
Zelezniska Postaja Obrez
Slovenia (general)
N:46.390278, E:16.225
Zelezniska Postaja Sredisce
Slovenia (general)
N:46.38889, E:16.266666
Slovenia (general)
N:45.880833, E:14.963056
Slovenia (general)
N:45.915554, E:14.571389
Slovenia (general)
N:45.65861, E:14.886389
Slovenia (general)
N:46.416668, E:14.416667
Slovenia (general)
N:45.79861, E:14.328333
Slovenia (general)
N:45.616665, E:15.283333
Zemon di Sopra
Slovenia (general)
N:45.534443, E:14.281667
Zemon di Sotto
Slovenia (general)
N:45.548054, E:14.266111
Slovenia (general)
N:46.84139, E:16.173056
Slovenia (general)
N:46.731667, E:16.086111
Slovenia (general)
N:46.694168, E:15.869722
Slovenia (general)
N:45.746944, E:14.370556
Slovenia (general)
N:46.4875, E:16.141666
Slovenia (general)
N:45.7575, E:14.425278
Slovenia (general)
N:45.861946, E:14.688611

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