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South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Top cities in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Grytviken 05:54 AM 07:31 AM 12:26 PM 02:47 PM 05:18 PM 06:57 PM 01:42 AM
South Georgia Island 05:54 AM 07:31 AM 12:26 PM 02:47 PM 05:18 PM 06:57 PM 01:42 AM

All cities and towns in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Admiralty Peak

N:-54.219723, E:-36.833057
Adventure Bay

N:-54.03389, E:-37.969723
Adventure Harbor

N:-54.03389, E:-37.969723
Albatros Insel

N:-54.019722, E:-37.332222
Albatross Island

N:-54.019722, E:-37.332222
Albatross Islet

N:-54.019722, E:-37.332222
Alert Rock

N:-54.25, E:-36.366665
All Johannesens Point

N:-54.014168, E:-38.24
Allardyce Harbor

N:-54.0125, E:-37.44472
Allardyce Range

N:-54.416668, E:-36.551388
Allen Bay

N:-54.183334, E:-36.533333
Allen Point

N:-58.483334, E:-26.25
Ample Bay

N:-54.05, E:-37.383335
Anchorage Bay

N:-54.116665, E:-36.816666
Aniline Island

N:-54.316666, E:-36.466667
Annenkov Insel

N:-54.49, E:-37.07861
Annenkov Island

N:-54.49, E:-37.07861
Annenkov Islands

N:-54.49, E:-37.07861
Antarctic Bay

N:-54.105278, E:-37.002777
Antarctic Point

N:-54.066666, E:-36.966667
Anvil Stacks

N:-54.17472, E:-37.71
Aspasia Point

N:-54.31972, E:-37.10611
Assistance Bay

N:-54.116665, E:-37.15
Austin Head

N:-54.514168, E:-36.510555
Babe Island

N:-54.266666, E:-36.3
Balsam Beach

N:-54.316666, E:-36.433334
Bar Rocks

N:-54.166668, E:-36.7
Barff Peninsula

N:-54.3125, E:-36.314167
Barff Point

N:-54.245, E:-36.398613
Barlas Bank

N:-53.99278, E:-37.329445
Bay of Isles

N:-54.02833, E:-37.387222
Beach Point

N:-59.433334, E:-27.316668
Beckman Fjord

N:-54.05, E:-37.2
Beckmann Fjord

N:-54.05, E:-37.2
Bellingshausen Island

N:-59.416668, E:-27.05
Bellingshausen Point

N:-54.05, E:-37.233334
Bertrab Glacier

N:-54.623333, E:-35.960278

N:-54.370277, E:-36.23861
Bill Rock

N:-54.15, E:-36.65
Binary Peaks

N:-54.490555, E:-36.094723
Bird Island

N:-54.004444, E:-38.059723
Bird Sound

N:-54.00778, E:-38.025
Bjornstadt Bay

N:-54.588055, E:-35.913334
Black Head

N:-54.066113, E:-37.119167
Black Peak

N:-54.329723, E:-36.30639
Black Point

N:-54.0, E:-37.7
Black Rocks

N:-54.133335, E:-36.633335
Blenheim Rocks

N:-54.133335, E:-36.633335
Blue Whale Harbor

N:-54.06861, E:-37.023613
Blue Whale Harbour

N:-54.06861, E:-37.023613
Bomford Peak

N:-54.13889, E:-37.629723
Boot Rock

N:-57.05, E:-26.65
Bordal Rock

N:-54.82611, E:-36.24
Bore Valley

N:-54.266666, E:-36.516666
Bores Dal

N:-54.266666, E:-36.516666
Borley Point

N:-58.383335, E:-26.466667
Braces Point

N:-57.1, E:-26.766666
Brain Island

N:-54.166668, E:-36.7
Braun Berg

N:-54.283333, E:-36.516666
Breakwind Ridge

N:-54.15, E:-36.833332

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