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Prayer Times in United States


Prayer Times

Top Cities in United States

13 Rabi Al-Akhar, 1441 Hijri

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Atlanta, GA 06:18 AM 07:31 AM 12:31 PM 03:11 PM 05:29 PM 06:43 PM 02:01 AM
Chicago, IL 05:44 AM 07:07 AM 11:44 AM 02:02 PM 04:20 PM 05:43 PM 01:16 AM
Dallas, TX 06:07 AM 07:19 AM 12:20 PM 03:03 PM 05:21 PM 06:34 PM 01:51 AM
Denver, CO 05:49 AM 07:08 AM 11:53 AM 02:18 PM 04:36 PM 05:56 PM 01:24 AM
Detroit, MI 06:27 AM 07:50 AM 12:25 PM 02:42 PM 05:00 PM 06:24 PM 01:58 AM
Houston, TX 05:57 AM 07:06 AM 12:15 PM 03:05 PM 05:24 PM 06:34 PM 01:46 AM
Los Angeles, CA 05:33 AM 06:46 AM 11:46 AM 02:26 PM 04:44 PM 05:58 PM 01:16 AM
Miami, FL 05:49 AM 06:56 AM 12:14 PM 03:11 PM 05:31 PM 06:39 PM 01:43 AM
New York City (NYC), NY 05:48 AM 07:09 AM 11:49 AM 02:10 PM 04:28 PM 05:50 PM 01:20 AM
San Diego, CA 05:27 AM 06:39 AM 11:41 AM 02:25 PM 04:43 PM 05:56 PM 01:11 AM
San Francisco, CA 05:56 AM 07:13 AM 12:02 PM 02:33 PM 04:51 PM 06:09 PM 01:33 AM
Seattle, WA 06:13 AM 07:45 AM 12:02 PM 02:00 PM 04:18 PM 05:52 PM 01:34 AM
Washington, DC 05:57 AM 07:15 AM 12:01 PM 02:28 PM 04:46 PM 06:06 PM 01:32 AM
Boston, MA 05:39 AM 07:02 AM 11:38 AM 01:54 PM 04:12 PM 05:36 PM 01:10 AM
Philadelphia, PA 05:51 AM 07:11 AM 11:54 AM 02:18 PM 04:36 PM 05:57 PM 01:26 AM
Minneapolis, MN 06:13 AM 07:40 AM 12:07 PM 02:15 PM 04:32 PM 06:01 PM 01:38 AM
Orlando, FL 05:57 AM 07:06 AM 12:18 PM 03:10 PM 05:29 PM 06:39 PM 01:47 AM
Columbus, OH 06:23 AM 07:43 AM 12:26 PM 02:49 PM 05:07 PM 06:28 PM 01:57 AM
Tampa, FL 06:02 AM 07:10 AM 12:23 PM 03:16 PM 05:35 PM 06:44 PM 01:53 AM
Indianapolis, IN 06:35 AM 07:54 AM 12:38 PM 03:02 PM 05:20 PM 06:41 PM 02:10 AM
Dearborn, MI 06:27 AM 07:50 AM 12:26 PM 02:43 PM 05:01 PM 06:25 PM 01:57 AM
Charlotte, NC 06:06 AM 07:20 AM 12:17 PM 02:54 PM 05:12 PM 06:27 PM 01:48 AM
Ann Arbor, MI 06:30 AM 07:53 AM 12:29 PM 02:46 PM 05:04 PM 06:27 PM 02:00 AM
San Antonio, TX 06:08 AM 07:17 AM 12:28 PM 03:18 PM 05:37 PM 06:47 PM 01:57 AM
Jersey City, NJ 05:48 AM 07:09 AM 11:50 AM 02:11 PM 04:29 PM 05:51 PM 01:21 AM
Newark, NJ 05:49 AM 07:09 AM 11:50 AM 02:12 PM 04:30 PM 05:52 PM 01:22 AM
Phoenix, AZ 06:08 AM 07:20 AM 12:21 PM 03:03 PM 05:21 PM 06:35 PM 01:51 AM
Plano, TX 06:07 AM 07:19 AM 12:21 PM 03:03 PM 05:21 PM 06:34 PM 01:51 AM
Saint Louis, MO 05:49 AM 07:07 AM 11:54 AM 02:22 PM 04:40 PM 05:59 PM 01:26 AM
San Jose, CA 05:53 AM 07:09 AM 12:00 PM 02:32 PM 04:50 PM 06:08 PM 01:32 AM


All Cities and Towns in United States

'Aiea, HI
N:21.4094, E:-157.8982
'Ewa Beach, HI
N:21.3469, E:-158.0183
'O'okala, HI
N:19.9758, E:-155.3158
Aaronsburg, PA
N:40.8642, E:-77.3912
Abbeville, GA
N:31.989, E:-83.3217
Abbeville, LA
N:29.9124, E:-92.211
Abbeville, MS
N:34.4771, E:-89.445
Abbeville, SC
South Carolina
N:34.1621, E:-82.4333
Abbeville, AL
N:31.5951, E:-85.2108
Abbot, ME
N:45.3122, E:-69.5439
Abbotsford, WI
N:44.9672, E:-90.2976
Abbott, TX
N:31.8801, E:-97.0901
Abbottstown, PA
N:39.8951, E:-76.9767
Abbyville, KS
N:37.9832, E:-98.2051
Abell, MD
N:38.2504, E:-76.7318
Abercrombie, ND
North Dakota
N:46.4477, E:-96.7304
Aberdeen, MD
N:39.4984, E:-76.1966
Aberdeen, MS
N:33.8524, E:-88.5337
Aberdeen, NC
North Carolina
N:35.106, E:-79.4507
Aberdeen, OH
N:38.6999, E:-83.7453
Aberdeen, SD
South Dakota
N:45.4647, E:-98.4865
Aberdeen, ID
N:43.0994, E:-112.8447
Aberdeen, WA
N:46.8841, E:-123.995
Aberdeen, KY
N:37.2538, E:-86.6814
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
N:39.4738, E:-76.1288
Abernant, AL
N:33.2904, E:-87.198
Abernathy, TX
N:33.8828, E:-101.8891
Abie, NE
N:41.3508, E:-96.9656
Abilene, KS
N:39.0279, E:-97.2213
Abilene, TX
N:32.425, E:-99.7976
Abingdon, MD
N:39.4738, E:-76.2894
Abingdon, VA
N:36.762, E:-82.0388
Abingdon, IL
N:40.8014, E:-90.4052
Abington, MA
N:42.1193, E:-70.959
Abington, CT
N:41.8606, E:-72.0067
Abington, PA
N:40.1251, E:-75.1282
Abington Township, PA
N:40.1239, E:-75.1264
Abiquiu, NM
New Mexico
N:36.2467, E:-106.3767
Abita Springs, LA
N:30.4904, E:-89.9549
Abrams, WI
N:44.7995, E:-88.0729
Absaraka, ND
N:47.0213, E:-97.3881
Absarokee, MT
N:45.5038, E:-109.5674
Absecon, NJ
New Jersey
N:39.4209, E:-74.4977
Acampo, CA
N:38.1943, E:-121.2497
Accident, MD
N:39.6154, E:-79.3018
Accokeek, MD
N:38.6591, E:-77.0367
Accomac, VA
N:37.7022, E:-75.6592
Accord, MA
N:42.1746, E:-70.8837
Accord, NY
New York
N:41.8182, E:-74.2381
Accoville, WV
West Virginia
N:37.7687, E:-81.8371
Ace, TX
N:30.5363, E:-94.8244
Achille, OK
N:33.8334, E:-96.3872
Achilles, VA
N:37.2801, E:-76.4407
Ackerly, TX
N:32.5002, E:-101.7606
Ackerman, MS
N:33.329, E:-89.2119
Ackermanville, PA
N:40.8393, E:-75.2194
Ackley, IA
N:42.5786, E:-93.0665
Ackworth, IA
N:41.361, E:-93.4351
Acme, MI
N:44.7719, E:-85.5015
Acme, PA
N:40.1367, E:-79.4133

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