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Prayer Times in United States


Prayer Times

Top Cities in United States

10 Safar, 1440 Hijri

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Atlanta, GA 06:37 AM 07:44 AM 01:23 PM 04:34 PM 07:00 PM 08:09 PM 02:44 AM
Chicago, IL 05:52 AM 07:07 AM 12:36 PM 03:35 PM 06:03 PM 07:20 PM 01:55 AM
Dallas, TX 06:28 AM 07:34 AM 01:13 PM 04:24 PM 06:50 PM 07:58 PM 02:34 AM
Denver, CO 06:01 AM 07:14 AM 12:45 PM 03:48 PM 06:15 PM 07:29 PM 02:05 AM
Detroit, MI 06:33 AM 07:48 AM 01:18 PM 04:17 PM 06:46 PM 08:03 PM 02:36 AM
Houston, TX 06:22 AM 07:26 AM 01:07 PM 04:21 PM 06:48 PM 07:53 PM 02:30 AM
Los Angeles, CA 05:53 AM 07:00 AM 12:39 PM 03:49 PM 06:16 PM 07:24 PM 02:00 AM
Miami, FL 06:19 AM 07:21 AM 01:06 PM 04:24 PM 06:51 PM 07:54 PM 02:29 AM
New York City (NYC), NY 05:56 AM 07:10 AM 12:41 PM 03:43 PM 06:11 PM 07:27 PM 02:01 AM
San Diego, CA 05:48 AM 06:54 AM 12:34 PM 03:46 PM 06:12 PM 07:20 PM 01:56 AM
San Francisco, CA 06:10 AM 07:21 AM 12:55 PM 04:01 PM 06:28 PM 07:40 PM 02:16 AM
Seattle, WA 06:10 AM 07:32 AM 12:55 PM 03:45 PM 06:16 PM 07:40 PM 02:12 AM
Washington, DC 06:09 AM 07:20 AM 12:54 PM 03:58 PM 06:26 PM 07:39 PM 02:14 AM
Boston, MA 05:45 AM 07:00 AM 12:30 PM 03:29 PM 05:58 PM 07:15 PM 01:48 AM
Philadelphia, PA 06:01 AM 07:14 AM 12:46 PM 03:49 PM 06:17 PM 07:31 PM 02:05 AM
Minneapolis, MN 06:15 AM 07:34 AM 12:59 PM 03:53 PM 06:22 PM 07:43 PM 02:16 AM
Orlando, FL 06:23 AM 07:27 AM 01:10 PM 04:26 PM 06:53 PM 07:57 PM 02:33 AM
Columbus, OH 06:33 AM 07:46 AM 01:18 PM 04:21 PM 06:49 PM 08:03 PM 02:37 AM
Tampa, FL 06:28 AM 07:32 AM 01:15 PM 04:31 PM 06:58 PM 08:03 PM 02:38 AM
Indianapolis, IN 06:45 AM 07:58 AM 01:30 PM 04:33 PM 07:01 PM 08:15 PM 02:49 AM
Dearborn, MI 06:33 AM 07:49 AM 01:18 PM 04:18 PM 06:47 PM 08:04 PM 02:37 AM
Charlotte, NC 06:23 AM 07:32 AM 01:09 PM 04:18 PM 06:45 PM 07:55 PM 02:29 AM
Ann Arbor, MI 06:36 AM 07:51 AM 01:21 PM 04:21 PM 06:49 PM 08:06 PM 02:39 AM
San Antonio, TX 06:34 AM 07:38 AM 01:20 PM 04:34 PM 07:00 PM 08:06 PM 02:42 AM
Jersey City, NJ 05:57 AM 07:10 AM 12:42 PM 03:44 PM 06:12 PM 07:27 PM 02:02 AM
Newark, NJ 05:57 AM 07:11 AM 12:43 PM 03:44 PM 06:13 PM 07:28 PM 02:01 AM
Phoenix, AZ 05:28 AM 06:35 AM 12:14 PM 03:25 PM 05:52 PM 07:00 PM 01:36 AM
Plano, TX 06:28 AM 07:34 AM 01:13 PM 04:24 PM 06:50 PM 07:58 PM 02:34 AM
Saint Louis, MO 06:02 AM 07:14 AM 12:46 PM 03:50 PM 06:17 PM 07:30 PM 02:07 AM
San Jose, CA 06:08 AM 07:18 AM 12:53 PM 04:00 PM 06:27 PM 07:38 PM 02:13 AM


All Cities and Towns in United States

Ah Gwah Ching, MN
N:47.0788, E:-94.5672
Ahmeek, MI
N:47.2988, E:-88.3972
Ahoskie, NC
North Carolina
N:36.2868, E:-77.018
Ahsahka, ID
N:46.52, E:-116.3669
Ahwahnee, CA
N:37.3961, E:-119.7345
Aibonito, PR
N:18.1439, E:-66.2725
Aiea, HI
N:21.398, E:-157.8981
Aiken, SC
South Carolina
N:33.4483, E:-81.6921
Aiken, TX
N:34.1418, E:-101.5269
Ailey, GA
N:32.1969, E:-82.5154
Aimwell, LA
N:31.7813, E:-91.9784
Ainsworth, IA
N:41.3314, E:-91.5515
Ainsworth, NE
N:42.4365, E:-99.9152
Air Force Academy, CO
N:38.9917, E:-104.8672
Airville, PA
N:39.8132, E:-76.4173
Airway Heights, WA
N:47.6446, E:-117.5933
Aitkin, MN
N:46.5278, E:-93.6123
Ajo, AZ
N:32.1595, E:-112.6223
Akaska, SD
N:45.3317, E:-100.1206
Akeley, MN
N:46.9726, E:-94.6888
Akers, LA
N:30.2902, E:-90.4018
Akhiok, AK
N:57.1588, E:-154.08
Akiachak, AK
N:60.8755, E:-161.4255
Akiak, AK
N:60.9122, E:-161.2139
Akin, IL
N:37.9878, E:-88.7523
Akron, AL
N:32.8631, E:-87.7285
Akron, IA
N:42.8154, E:-96.4837
Akron, IN
N:41.0414, E:-86.0378
Akron, MI
N:43.5953, E:-83.5568
Akron, NY
New York
N:43.0334, E:-78.5068
Akron, OH
N:41.0771, E:-81.5816
Akron, PA
N:40.1567, E:-76.2033
Akron, CO
N:40.0735, E:-103.1682
Akutan, AK
N:54.1308, E:-165.8839
Alabama, NY
N:43.0964, E:-78.3914
Alabaster, AL
N:33.224, E:-86.773
Alachua, FL
N:29.8142, E:-82.4909
Aladdin, WY
N:44.8221, E:-104.2047
Alakanuk, AK
N:62.4491, E:-164.3887
Alamance, NC
North Carolina
N:36.0351, E:-79.4858
Alameda, CA
N:37.7735, E:-122.2788
Alamo, GA
N:32.1252, E:-82.7596
Alamo, IN
N:39.982, E:-87.0572
Alamo, TN
N:35.8168, E:-89.1612
Alamo, TX
N:26.1451, E:-98.1197
Alamo, CA
N:37.8495, E:-121.9764
Alamo, NV
N:37.2715, E:-115.2084
Alamo, ND
North Dakota
N:48.5975, E:-103.4718
Alamogordo, NM
New Mexico
N:32.8426, E:-105.9891
Alamosa, CO
N:37.4625, E:-105.7804
Alanreed, TX
N:35.2126, E:-100.7343
Alanson, MI
N:45.4032, E:-84.7281
Alapaha, GA
N:31.3731, E:-83.1806
Alba, MO
N:37.2384, E:-94.4175
Alba, TX
N:32.7948, E:-95.636
Alba, PA
N:41.7035, E:-76.8303
Alba, MI
N:44.9748, E:-84.9688
Albany, GA
N:31.5983, E:-84.2127
Albany, KY
N:36.7515, E:-85.1201
Albany, LA
N:30.526, E:-90.6028

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