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Darul-uloom Al-Islaamiyah of America


Main Objectives: To carry out religious, charitable and educational activities in accordance with Islam, as a complete way of life as outlined in the Holy Qur'an and in the life and teachings of the Holy Messenger of Allaah, Muhammad (sallallaahu ta'ala 'alayhi wasallam) To maintain and conduct a full-time Islamic School to produce Huffaz (people who memorize the holy qur'aan, Allaah's words to mankind), Qurra (those who recite the holy qur'aan with tajweed, or proper pronounciation and enunciation), and Ulama (those who are learned in Islamic knowledge), and to promote activities which help to build a true healthy Muslim Community. (In addition to the school grounds, there is a masjid where daily prayers and salaatul-jumu'ah are held.) To endeavor to make Islamic teachings known to Muslims and Non Muslims. "The search of knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim male and female." (translated from Hadith-Al-Bukhari)


2012 Mallory Street


San Bernardino

Zip Code:



(909) 880-0201




Not Available!

2012 Mallory Street, San Bernardino, California, 92405 (1) Take the 10 San Bernardino Freeway East, and then the 215 Freeway North. Take the Highland Avenue (30 West) exit, and take a right. After one mile, turn right on State Street. Turn left

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