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American Muslims for Emergency and Relief


Purposes The American Muslims for Emergency and Relief Inc. is organized, and shall be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. This includes but not limited to: assisting citizens through education and planning to be prepared to survive and recover from natural and man-made disasters or acts of terrorism that impact our community and country. To collaborate and coordinate relief and recovery efforts with governmental agencies and other community and faith based organizations. To promote and participate in multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity training for the purpose of maximizing our ability to help, and to be helped by members of any and all religions, races and colors. To coordinate humane donation and volunteer efforts to any part of the world impacted by disaster with our major focus on, but not limited to the United States and the Caribbean Basin. To establish, or participate in seminars and workshops that assist businesses, schools, houses of worship and individual families to develop disaster plans. To foster the concepts and realities of mitigation as a real tool that lessens the effects of a disaster.


183 N. E. 166 Street



Zip Code:





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From the I-95 North or South take Exit 826 East to 2nd Avenue NE. Take right and another right on 166 Street.

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