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Association des musulmans de la Guadeloupe

Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe


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Today, the Muslim population of the Guadeloupe is estimated to about a thousand faithful, the worship place current more cannot welcome all those and the one that want come to do the Salat. The problem of the construction of a Mosque puts itself again more than ever today. This is in this context that a new association cultuelle (law 1905) was created in June 2005, the association of the Muslims of the Guadeloupe, of which the principal object is to drive the construction project of the Mosque of the Guadeloupe. Our project does not summarize itself only to the construction of a mosque, it wants himself to be the true cement that must unify the Muslims of the Guadeloupe. This project also must allow welcoming the numerous brothers and sœurs that pass through by the Guadeloupe as well as to exempt a religious teaching. Beyond the construction of a structure cultuel, that is today essential to muster the Muslims, this project must allow the community of better to organize itself. The Muslim community of Guadeloupe is at the picture of the one of the hexagone. She is heterogenous and exit majority of environments not very favored. We therefore confronted to strong financial difficulties for our community cannot satisfy by its alone gifts to the necessary need for the construction of the mosque of Guadeloupe. To take this project to his term, in cha\'allah, it is essential to mobilize all the forces and all the means more human, more financial and more technical to obtain the better one structures and the better one of the possible organizations. With the assistance of God, we will be able to attain our objective if each of participates you according to its means to our project.

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