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Kankaylay Islamic Mission (Sierra Leone)


Kankaylay Islamic Mission (Sierra Leone) is an indegenous non-profit, non-governmental Islamic organisation founded in 1972 by the late venerable Alhaji I.B. Turay, with the following primary aims and objectives. (1)Islamic Da'wa and unity. We are in dire need of the HOLY QURAN in Arabic, English translated, JUZUZ and HADITH, FIQH and other Islamic literature. (2)Education with special emphasis on muslim girls, women, orphans and physically handicapped boys and girls. 3)We have since 2002 introduced computer studies and information technology, specialising in computer software application packages, hardware and networking engineering courses. WE ARE STRONGLY APPEALING HERE FOR DONATION OF USED OR NEW DESKTOP AND LAPTOP COMPUTERS, PRINTERS AND TEXTBOOKS ON I-T. (4)We have since 2002 introduced also Business and professional courses in Accounting and Business studies leading to the award of Certificates and Diplomas accredited by the Ministry of Education and National Council for Technical, Vocational and other Academic Awards (NCTVA). (5)Emergency relief for the poor and needy including the internally displaced caused by the recently ended 10-year rebel war in the country. (4)Emergency medical relief assistance one-time facilitated by INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION from the United States of America. We would very much like to continue rendering this brand of service because of the appalling medical state of affairs in Sierra Leone. THEREFORE we are seeking from concerned, interested and participating bodies/organisations from anywhere.


15 Black Hall Road, Kissy, P.O. Box 1168, Freetown.



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(1) From the Lungi International Airport, ask any taxi or mini-bus driver to take you to Kankaylay Head offices situated at Kissy P.W.D. Junction (East of Freetown); just a 5 minute drive after crossing the Ferry. (2) Using the helicopter service from the

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