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Physician Recruiters


As salaamu alaykum We are a nationwide, all-specialties Physician Placement agency. If you have a position opening and are interested, please contact us and send us a brief description of the position. We have many Physicians of various specialties available. Are you are looking for a position with in the next year? If so please contact us and email us your resume/CV as soon as possible. We will then begin the process of matching you to an employer, Insha Allah. We specialize in J1/H1 waiver positions as well as purchasing and selling of practices. If you are in need of a J1/H1 Visa waiver and graduating in 2009- now is the time to send your CV. We also specialize in purchasing and selling of practices. We would also appreciate your referrals. Please refer Physician Recruiters to your colleagues, friends, and relatives. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.


56 Sherman Street


Johnson City

Zip Code:





Not Available!


Not Available!

Two blocks east of Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier, Masjid Al-Nur

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