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Qalam Islamic Banking

Oslo, Norway


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Qalam activities have been based on these references. The vast majority of Muslims have come to accept that their stay in European countries will be permanent .Although they do not questions the important of an ongoing relationship with theirs countries of origin , they do not feel as „ guest „ any more , either , Rather they consider themselves to be Muslim citizens and therefore an integral part of the societies they live in Qalam its own responsibilities and it is committed to contribute to the wellbeing of the societies in which it operates . Moreover , the Qalam avows itself to its responsibilities regarding the world wide Muslims community ( Ummah ) and it activity addresses the solution of the Muslim Communities problems . Being a member of humankind , Qalam also carriers out its duties supporting the Muslims Communities. Qalam encourages a life that is bound to values and principles such as helpfulness , unselfishness , and solidarity . Thus it participates in social discourses that conducts to finding solutions to the society ` economic ,political and social problems. Qalam Money Transfert is created for Muslim and no Muslim to lower cost. Qalam Islamic Microfinance Qalam Islamic Microfinance QIMF meant to empower people especially women. Their primary aim is to serve as finance institutions that give loans to their clients(Muslims &no-Muslims) to set up small business enterprises that will help them sustain a good living. Qalam Islamic banking Will have a bold vision to bring life changing financial services to five million impoverished people in Muslim Countries over the next Qalam Islamic Banking Four teams at the Europe headquarters ; twenty-one poles in Muslims Countries . In general, Qalam Islamic Banking Group works to enhance the visibility and value, in practice as well as theory, of the knowledge and tools that exist in Shariah principle efforts. This consists of identifying and supporting Muslims communities development initiatives - Qalam Islamic Banking Group in constant evolution. This is reflected in the integration of new priorities and in regular organizational restructuring, such as a diversification of teams and entities, for example. As a result there is a constant dynamism between the different areas and levels of Qalam Islamic Banking Group \'s activity. Transparency and co-ordination between the various teams and entities, both internally and externally, is a priority for the organization\'s operation so that all efforts reach as many as possible.

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