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Auckland, New Zealand


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The Trustees for the At Taqwa Trust are: Sheikh Mohammad Anwar Sahib Chairman- (PHD Graduate of Madina Islamic University) Mohammed Rafiq - Secretary Hemayatullah Haqiqzai - Treasurer (Graduate of Madina Islamic University) Mohammed Afiz - Deputy Treasurer Sedigh Bashir Al Gnayen - Deputy Chairman Muntazim - Deputy Secretary The Aims and Objectives of the Trust are: To provide facilities for Muslims in Auckland and New Zealand to practice Islam according to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah and the practice of the Sahaba and the Tabaeen To safeguard and improve the welfare of Muslims To promote and develop understanding and cooperation between Muslims and Non-Muslims To set up administrative bodies to administer any real estate or institutions owned or operated by the Trust To raise funds locally and overseas and employ the same for any of the objectives of the Trust To subscribe and affiliate with organizations with similar aims and objectives To do any and all other things that are lawful and permissible in Islam which will further the aims and objectives of the Trust. Brief description of the property that the Trust has purchased: 58 Grayson Avenue, Manukau City. Description: Warehouse & Office Warehouse/Factory area - 441.5 sq meters (4752 sq ft) Ground Floor Office/ amenities - 85.5 sq meters (920 sq ft) made up of 3 offices, Large Lunch room, 2 Toilets & Shower Upstairs - 2 Bedrooms, 1 storage room, lounge & kitchen, toilet, toilet & laundry room. Parking Space for 40 cars. Land Area: 1407 square meters. Location of proposed Property: This property is located within the Manukau City Central Business District and 1 km from Hunters Corner in Papatoetoe (a very central and densely populated area). It is close to the main Motorways and also the Auckland Airport. MANUKAU CITY PROFILE: Manukau is New Zealand's third largest city and is situated approximately 20 km South of Auckland City (New Zealand's largest city) and about 10 km from Auckland International Airport. The 2001 New Zealand Census report states that Manukau City had a population of 283197, making it the third largest city in the country after Auckland (345768) and Christchurch (309028). It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in New Zealand with 165 different ethnic groups. The branded Identity of Manukau City is MANUKAU - FACE OF THE FUTURE. In the last 3 decades approximately 7000 people were added to the population each year. The 2001 census report states that there were approximately 4000 Muslims residing in Manukau. With the influx of a large number of Muslim migrants in the last 4 years we can assume that this number would have almost tippled by now. Being the third largest city in New Zealand, Central Manukau, itself, does not have a Mosque or Islamic Centre for worship. Muslim brothers and sisters who work or reside within the fringe of the city find it difficult to reach a centre within a reasonable time to perform their salaat with jamaat, including Juma salaat. Muslim records, on the authority of Abu Hurairah, that the Messenger of Allah said: "If anyone purifies himself in his house, and then walks to one of the houses of Allah to fulfill one of the obligations laid down by Allah, then [each one] of his steps will erase one of his sins and the next will raise his degrees."

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