Amidst academic pressures, deadlines, hectic schedules and limitless procrastination, a student’s cell phone sometimes serves as a best friend. How? Modern technology now gives people the opportunity to rely on their phone applications for help in the management of their daily tasks and keeping up with their workload as students.

In this article, you will find a handpicked selection of six applications (which are FREE, for that matter), which will help you re-orient yourself and reduce some of that stress you keep cooped up inside:

Maths Alarm Clock

As students, we all dread getting up at the crack of dawn every single day and we find ourselves automatically snoozing all our alarms and end up being late for that first class of the day. So what would help in waking you up in the morning? Well, a math equation can do the trick! And that is exactly what Maths Alarm Clock does; the only way you can turn off your alarm is by solving a mathematical problem. Use it and it might just ward off your sleepy slumber more effectively.


It is not very easy to save money or cut down on costs when you are functioning on a student budget. The Mint application, in essence, saves you the hassle of keeping track of your money in the most effective way. It gives you the option of categorizing all your transactions and you can easily view your different accounts in one place, for example, your savings, your credit cards etc.

Athan app

As students, one is often so caught up in worrying about being late for class lectures, sports trials, extracurricular, house chores and other daily duties, that the one task that is most important slips away somewhere in between, unnoticed; the call to prayer. And the Athan app serves that very purpose; provides timely reminders for all the daily prayers and allows you to log in your prayers in your Prayerbook, in order to keep track of your spiritual productivity.

What’s more, the app allows you to recite supplications through its Dua feature, read Quran with translation, find mosques and places around you, locate the Qibla direction, set reminders for important Islamic events and get Hijri dates. It won’t be wrong to call it a complete Muslim toolkit. Athan is not only easy to use but has a simple and clean interface, allowing the user to explore freely and get accustomed to its usage.

The Oxford Dictionary

At school or college, we are often left confused by a myriad of new and unfamiliar words being thrown at us left right and centre. But now, you can use The Oxford Dictionary application to look up any terms you may come across in your courses and understand how to use them in the future. No need to carry around those huge paperback dictionaries with you around campus, now that you can have access to the world’s vocabulary in just a click!


Have you ever asked a friend to remind you of upcoming quizzes and assignment deadlines because you are generally forgetful? Have you ever missed important submission deadlines because you just could not keep track of time? Then Studious is the app for you. It reminds you of all your upcoming deadlines in a timely manner so you never miss out on scoring those extra points in class. It even has automated features where it automatically switches to silent mode as soon as you enter the classroom. All you need to do is import your location and your course details etc. and you are good to go.


One of the most popular recent applications that work like your personal planner and an agent is Evernote. It helps you stay on top of your daily schedules and productivity. With this application, you may make to-do lists, set reminders, make personalized notes, create agendas, take photos etc. and access it from any device. You can even write in your own handwriting if you please. You won’t be needing any extra applications with Evernote. It really is a full package.

Perhaps, through these applications, you may find that little extra help in your daily navigation as a student and use these tools for a more productive and effective routine.