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10 things you shouldn’t complain about in Ramadan

Omam Khalid  .  Wednesday March 24, 2021
 . Lifestyle

Ramadan is indeed a month of patience and abstinence from worldly affairs. It is the time for the remembrance of Allah and for repentance of sins as well as a chance to start all over again.

This month of fasting teaches patience and urges its observers to remain steadfast in their duty to Allah. While reaping the blessings and benefits of this holy month, Muslims should not complain about the hardships of observing fast. However, it is common to hear people complain about a number of things in this holy month.

Here are some things that top the list when it comes to being patient during Ramadan.

1.The fast itself

Fasting is demanding of us on many levels, which is the real test. You should refrain from complaining about feeling hungry or thirsty during the fast. Instead one should feel the pain of others who spend each year in this state. One should embrace this month and try to reap its full benefits.

2.The weather

The fact that Ramadan 2021 is in one of the hottest months of the year is not in our control. As a result, there is no use in complaining about how hot it is and how the heat makes it difficult to fast. Of the many tests of this month, this is just one and it only makes us realize more of the pain of the poor who spend hours in the scorching heat, making ends meet.

3.The number of hours between Suhur and Iftar

It is understandable that it is difficult to abstain from food and drinks for 10 or 15 hours, but the whole spirit of Ramadan is found in this basic principle: to feel the pain of those who on a regular basis suffer because of poverty. So avoid complaining about how long the fasting hours are and instead focus on remembering Allah and doing good.

4.Not getting enough sleep

It so happens that during Ramadan, your sleep cycle and routine in general, gets disturbed but one should refrain from complaining about these trivial things as the message and spirit of Ramadan goes beyond this little struggle.

5.The food you eat

Always be thankful for the food you eat at Suhur and Iftar. Food for many people is a luxury that they can’t afford. Which is why always count your blessings and don’t complain about the food you eat because some people don’t even have that.

6.Worldly affairs

You should refrain from complaining about not being able to listen to music or watch your favorite show. There is a reason why Allah does not want you to indulge in worldly affairs and only remember Him and repent for your sins. Ramadan is a great opportunity to fix your priorities, so don’t miss out on it because of anything trivial and unimportant.

7.Lack of energy

Do not whine about how low on energy you are and how weak you feel. It is a test of your perseverance and patience and you must not fail it. To avoid feeling lethargic, have high energy foods during Suhur and keep yourself hydrated and most importantly, focus on the bigger picture.

8.Not having enough time

During Ramadan, a lot of your routine gets messy because of Suhur timings and sometimes it becomes difficult to manage work affairs along with Godly affairs. However, one should be able to prioritize what is important and essential especially during Ramadan. Try and fix a special routine for this month and follow it through. Make Godly affairs your priority and all else will fall into place.

9.Your blessings

One should always count the blessings and be thankful to Allah Almighty for everything. If you have a roof over your head, health, and food available at all times, you should be thankful. Do not compare your blessings with others and feel bad about yourself, instead be grateful for whatever little you have and Allah will bless you with more, most definitely. Look to those who are inferior to you and do not look to those who are superior to you, for this will keep you from belittling Allah’s favor upon you.

10.What you have to give up

The spirit of Ramadan demands utmost submission to Allah. As a devout Muslim, one should definitely not complain about having to give up anything for the sake of Allah Almighty. It kills the purpose of Ramadan if one complains at all about giving up food, water or any other worldly thing. Rather one should be thankful to Allah Almighty and remain true to the purpose and essence of this holy month.

Apart from these 10 things, one shouldn’t really complain about anything at all. This month, count your blessings and be thankful to Him for giving you another chance to become a better human being and an even better Muslim.

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