Eid is the foremost day of celebration for Muslims across the globe. It is the day that Muslims congregate to celebrate the special day together and thank Allah (SWT) for all that He bestows upon His creations. Eid-ul-Fitr has been prescribed upon Muslims for them to realize the different ways through which Allah (SWT) continuously blesses His creations. Here are the four ways through which we can make the most of the blessed day.

1. Engage in Sunnah Activities

Allah (SWT) greatly appreciates those that follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), for He has immense love for His most premier of creations. The easy route to attain His pleasure, therefore, is to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on the day of Eid and please the Almighty (SWT) by expressing love for His Habib. Sunnah activities on Eid include eating something sweet before Eid prayer, wearing clean clothes and using perfume. While there are other beautiful Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the aforementioned are the easiest. Can it become easier to attain the pleasure of Allah (SWT)?

2. Amend broken relations

Eid is a day of congregation and of expressing love and gratitude to your relatives and loved ones. Allah (SWT) is All-Forgiving and loves those who forgive, and so we must take Eid as the opportunity to amend broken relations, forgive and forget, ask for forgiveness, and spread love and compassion, just like we have been prescribed to do so in the Quran and by our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

3. Thank Allah (SWT)

Eid is a manifestation of the compassion, love, mercy, and blessings of Allah (SWT) and so we must thank Him for all that He has given to his creations. Allah (SWT) continues to show us different signs of His love for us, and so we must use the day prescribed to celebrate, to thank Allah (SWT) for continuously blessing us even though we continue to invite His displeasure.

4. Help the less fortunate

In continuation with expressing gratitude, we must also acknowledge how fortunate we are as compared to those that Allah (SWT) has given harder challenges to. We must also acknowledge that we are responsible for them, and that the Muslim Ummah is a single unit that must take care of its brothers and sisters. In that, an ideal way to express gratitude to Allah (SWT) is by acknowledging that we are thankful for His blessings, and doing so by giving to the less fortunate.

May this Eid be the most fulfilling and gratifying one. Eid Mubarak!

The author

Mohammad Ahmed Shiwani