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Home News 5 tips to make your Iftar memorable!

5 tips to make your Iftar memorable!

Mohammad Ahmed Shiwani  .  Friday May 11, 2018
 . Lifestyle

Breaking the fast is perhaps one of the most iconic Rituals of Ramadan. Quenching that perennial thirst and soothing that raging hunger is close to one of the best feelings in the world, yet we quite often do not make the most of the opportunities given to us during Iftar. Towards the end of the month, Iftars become boring and monotonous, essentially taking the excitement out of the beautiful month. Here are some easy tips to make sure each Iftar is as memorable and innovative as it can be:

1. Experiment with the drinks

Having to choose from the same three drinks every sunset can quite easily become a boring, maybe even a frustrating thing to do. When the pre-Iftar thirst is on its peak, it may be very exciting to know that one has the chance to try an innovative and satiating drink come the Athan, making for memorable moments that are forever encapsulated in one’s memories of the month.

2. Have a theme

It may be worth your while (or at least a good past time during those draining fasts) to research on the Iftar routines followed in different countries around the world and to attempt to emulate them in preparing your own Iftars. Each country has its own unique way of breaking the fast, including different rituals with regards to the food and drinks served and the way the food and drinks are consumed.

Not only will this research make you exponentially more informed about how Ramadan is celebrated around the world, but it will also ensure that everyone in the household has something to look forward to at sunset. You will primarily be experimenting with different food items served for Iftar, which can also have the effect of enhancing your cooking skills!

3. Try to accommodate everyone’s cravings on that particular day

Let’s face it, when you are super hungry you are often subject to immensely irrational but raging cravings. Be it a breakfast burrito or a medium-well steak, staying hungry for the entire day can have a strange effect on what your stomach desires. However, having the privilege of being able to satisfy those cravings is a sublime feeling, it then makes a lot of sense to take the time out to ask everyone you are cooking for about that one item they really crave that day and attempting to fulfill their cravings. Trust us, they will love you for it and remember it for ages to come!

4. Try new recipes

Sometimes there are very easy recipes that one can adopt to make each Iftar a more wholesome and exciting experience. There are tons of different websites on the internet that provide simple and easy ways to modify what you traditionally make for Iftar. While you should be warned that some modifications may not be appreciated, we are sure that others will be good enough for there to be a unanimous decision in favor of that dish for the next day.

5. Invite someone over

There is nothing more fun than having your best friend over for Iftar and preparing a wholesome and filling meal for them. Ramadan is all about congregation and developing loving relationships with each other, and so inviting someone over will definitely make sure that your Iftar is memorable. In the haze of everyday life, a hearty meal with someone you love is often the most powerful de-stressor you need.

As always, we hope this Ramadan 2018 serves to be more memorable and fulfilling than any other. We hope your Iftars are more satiating than you imagine them to be, that your fasts tremendously uplift your soul, and that the month is a harbinger of happiness, compassion, and love.

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