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6 Eid Gift Ideas for Children

Amin Aaser  .  Wednesday February 19, 2020
 . Lifestyle

It’s that time of the year again! Eid is approaching and Muslim parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents are searching for the perfect gifts for the special children in their lives. We’ve compiled a list of six playful and innovative Eid gifts for children to make gift-giving an easy and convenient experience.

Read on to see some of the most fun, engaging, and educational Eid gifts for kids.

1. Noor Kids: Harvard-supported children’s Islamic activity-book subscription

In the challenging environment for Muslims in North America, Noor Kids is a monthly Islamic activity book series that inspires 4-to-8-year-olds to love Islam. The activity books feature four adorable characters - Amin, Shireen, Asad, and Amira - who explore, play, experiment, and learn through this monthly Islamic learning adventure.

Interesting fact - the founders actually conducted research at Harvard, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University related to identity development and turned that research into Noor Kids! Check out a free sample on their website, NoorKids.com. While their membership is only available in the US & Canada, international fans can snag a bundle.

2. HafsaCreates: Cute-as-a-button Islamic onesies for toddlers

HafsaCreates is one stop shop for handmade greeting cards, card making kits for kids, and custom gifts. Among their custom gifts, HafsaCreates offers adorable “onesies” for the Muslim toddler in your life.

Hafsa, the owner of HafsaCreates, started her studio about five years ago. Now, her creative work is found across the world.

3. Simply Impressions: Whimsical children’s Islamic wall art

Created in 2011, Simply Impressions creates Islamic wall art that is ideal for homes, offices, and schools. They specialize in decals, which are large stickers that adhere to walls. Among their selection, you will find amazing children’s decals that will certainly bring a smile to any child (or adult!)

4. Child’s Cup Full: Handcrafted educational toys that support Palestinian mothers

Child’s Cup Full offers beautifully handcrafted, educational children’s toys for children in the age group of 0-7, including Arabic toys, English toys, Spanish toys, memory games, and more. All proceeds from sales help to sustain and grow women’s economic empowerment programs in Palestine, specifically supporting refugee and low-income mothers in the West Bank.

The toys are not only artfully made, but they are designed with soft fabrics for hands-on, tactile learning.

5. Miraj Audio: Professional quality audio books for young Muslims

Do you have a long drive to get to Eid salah? Keep your kids entertained with Islamic audiobooks from Miraj Audio. These stories are sure to get your kids excited about their faith and will help them appreciate Allah (SWT) and the Prophets (AS). Play these stories in the car or before bedtime to teach your children Islamic stories and values.

To see if your children will enjoy Miraj Audio, you can listen to a free sample or browse the vast selection of Miraj Audio to find the best stories for your kids.

6. Jannah Jewels: Entertaining chapter books for young adult Muslims

Are you looking for a chapter book series for your pre-teen Muslim? Jannah Jewels aims to teach Islamic history and empower youth with values. In the first ten issues, Jannah Jewels has taken readers on adventures around the world.

Browse all of the books and make your selection on the website.

As Eid nears, take a look at these Eid gifts for children! These books, games, and toys are sure to entertain, inspire, and teach your children not just this Eid, but for months to come.

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