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6 Morning Habits to Start Your Day Right

IslamicFinder  .  Tuesday May 17, 2022
 . Knowledge

We often feel amazed by the amount of work successful people get done within a day while never skipping a beat. One of the secrets behind their upbeat attitude is how they begin their day with an impactful morning routine. 

Taking that into account, let’s learn the six morning habits of a successful believer for starting our day right, starting from today!

Let’s begin!

1- Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

Perhaps one of the most neglected habits that make our mornings stressful is that we don’t plan our next day in advance while going to bed the night before. 

When we begin our day with a proper plan that has already been set, it helps us stay focused and productive with much less effort.

2- Get Up for Tahajjud

Waking up for Tahajjud brings us closer to the Almighty and improves our spiritual health. It also gives us the much-needed time to restructure our thoughts and plans while asking Allah (SWT) for His guidance in everything we do.

3- Remembrance of Allah (SWT) Before Praying Fajr

Also, spending some time connecting with Allah (SWT) through various forms of adhkar after Tahajjud is similar to recharging our soul before setting out to tackle the day’s work.

Moreover, praying Fajr gives us the green signal to begin our daily chores, knowing we have the protection of Allah (SWT) until it is time to pray Duhr.

4- Make Time For a Workout Session

Working out in the morning helps us stay physically and mentally active for the rest of the day, bringing us into the right mindset for a full day’s work.

Not to mention, keeping oneself physically fit is an essential requirement for keeping multiple ailments at bay and living a wholesome life.

5- Take a Shower

Cleanliness is half of our Iman. Islam stresses time and again about maintaining our personal hygiene. Thus, taking a shower after a workout and before starting our day helps us fulfill this commandment.

6- Have a Healthy Breakfast

Lastly, breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it gives us the mental boost and physical energy to jumpstart our day the right way. That is why it is crucial to make ‘having a healthy breakfast’ a regular habit and part of our morning routine. 

Let’s make these six morning habits a part of our lives and strive to be better Muslims every day!

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