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5 Spiritual Impacts of Salah In Our Daily Lives
IslamicFinder . October 18, 2022 . Knowledge

Salah gives us the unmeasurable joy of being in Allah's presence!

Tips for Muslim Students Planning to Study Abroad
IslamicFinder . May 24, 2022 . Knowledge

Planning to study abroad? Here are some tips for the Muslim students!

4-Step Guide to Keep Sinful Thoughts At Bay
IslamicFinder . May 19, 2022 . Knowledge

Don’t let a weak moment play a role in your life that you may regret later.

6 Morning Habits to Start Your Day Right
IslamicFinder . May 17, 2022 . Knowledge

Successful Muslims start their day with an impactful morning routine!

4 Ways to Reconnect With Allah (SWT) When Feeling Lost
IslamicFinder . March 15, 2022 . Knowledge

Let's learn how to reconnect with the Almighty Allah (SWT) and purify our souls!

Purify Your Mind, Body & Soul With Alif App
IslamicFinder . March 04, 2022 . Updates & Features

Purification is half of faith. Learn how to cleanse your mind, body, and soul by taking the short course in the Alif App!

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