Most Muslims aspire to complete the recitation of the entire Qur’an in the month of Ramadan. We make efforts to reach that goal by setting personal timelines or attending Quran classes daily. 

Here are a few ways which will help you complete the Quranic rectification in the month of Ramadan.

1. Establishing an intention

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) placed great importance on one’s intent or purpose. Establishing intention is a crucial factor needed for implementation. Once you have made an intention, don’t forget to remind yourself about it often.

Upon reciting as well as completing the recitation of the Qur’an, you should recall your intention and renew it, ensuring that it is purified constantly.

2. Don’t be overwhelmed

As much as one aspires to complete the entire Qur’an during Ramadan, it is not surprising to get overwhelmed by the number of pages or the length of some Surahs. 

Remove 'I can’t' from your thoughts and go with the ‘I can’ motto. Have trust in Allah (SWT) and see how easy it gets to achieve your desired target.

Put your heart into this accomplishment and reap the rewards associated with it, InshaAllah.

3. Plan ahead 

It is essential to dedicate a time slot for this activity and mark it in your daily schedule before your recitation. Structure a realistic plan and put it into action. You can decide on how to complete the recitation of the Qur’an within the month by dividing each Juz` (part) per day.

4. Understand the Qur’an

Reciting Arabic does make you earn rewards but remember that it will not be fruitful enough if you do not read the Qur'an with translation. 

Having a basic knowledge of the theme, message, and meaning of what you are reciting makes the recitation of the Qur’an an uplifting experience. You would not want to miss out on that now, would you?

5. Get Qur’an buddies on board

Develop close bonds with your family members, friends, or people within your community who motivate you. Involve a Qur’an buddy in your Qur’an productivity goals and notice the difference in your performance. 

You can also request them to remind you of fulfilling your spiritual aspirations when you feel you are behind.

6. Make use of free time

Get yourself a pocket-sized Qur’an and make it your best friend this Ramadan. Seize every moment to be with Allah (SWT). Although reciting the Quran after Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) is one of the best times, you can take advantage of every other opportunity, for example, while commuting. 

Do not restrict yourself to reciting it before or after daily prayers. Add recitation to Tahajjud time because there are not that many distractions at night. Allah (SWT) states:

“Indeed, the hours of the night are more effective for concurrence and more suitable for words.” (Al-Muzzammil:6).

7. Remain consistent

There is no doubt in the fact that the key to success is consistency. Stay focused and stick to your plan once you have mapped it up. 

Remind yourself of the greatness Ramadan holds, opportunities it provides for your spiritual growth, etc. Insha’Allah, you will get the motivation to stay consistent. 

8. Make Du’a to Allah (SWT)

Make Du’a to Allah (SWT) to give you the drive and strength to achieve this goal. We can not achieve anything without the aid and guidance of Allah (SWT). Ask Him to ease this pathway and to reward your efforts with success.

Follow these steps while starting and completing your journey of the recitation of the Qur’an this Ramadan. May the Qur’an be your companion of guidance, resonating through your words and actions. In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) says:

“This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.” (Al-Baqarah:2)

The author

Rida Ghaffar