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Home News All you need to know about IslamicFinder’s new look!

All you need to know about IslamicFinder’s new look!

Warda Zahid  .  Monday November 21, 2016
 . Updates & Features

IslamicFinder rolled out its new website and guess what, it has all your favourite features along with some new and improved ones. Let us walk you through the new website one feature at a time!

Beautiful Navigation Bar

Firstly, we would like to draw your attention towards the beautiful navigation bar of the website. Its modish design incorporating the location search bar is going to make it easy for you to use the website.

In just a click, you can go to the Prayer, Calendar or Places section and get your desired information within seconds. What’s more is the "Get Athan" button to help you download the Athan app in a hassle free way.

Prayer Times Card

The new website has a beautiful Prayer Times card under the navigation bar. It not only shows the prayer times of the day but also mentions the Islamic date right on the top. Hence, providing you a brief summary of all the things you want to know at one place.

Additionally, the card provides a count down to the next prayer time to help you prepare for the upcoming prayer in advance and plan your day accordingly.

Furthermore, if you want to get monthly prayer times, just click on the “See monthly prayer times’ button on the card and you will land on your desired page in the blink of an eye.

Want to change prayer times settings? You will find a clickable link on the lower right corner of the card that will help you change the Hijri date, Juristic settings and the calculation method.

Upcoming Events

Next in line is the Events card. The card shows the upcoming events to keep you informed beforehand. You can also get to know the whole year’s events simply by clicking the 'See all Islamic Days’ button at the lower right corner of the card.

Places Around You

We know you want to explore the places around you and get to know the nearest organisations, businesses and schools along with the mosques. That’s why we have added the card of ‘Places around you’ on the homepage of the website.

This card will show you a summary of the nearest places on the basis of your current location. You can get to know all the places in your neighbourhood by clicking the ‘See all Places’ button at the end of the card.

Prayer Times Printing Feature

Our new website still offers the features you love the most such as the prayer times printing option. All you have to do is to click on the Prayer tab in the navigation bar. It will take you to the prayers page where you will be able to see monthly prayer times with an option of printing on the top right corner of the monthly prayer times card.

Date Converter and Special Islamic Days

Want to know the special islamic days and convert Gregorian date to Hijri or vice versa? Just click the Calendar tab on the navigation bar and you will reach your desired destination.

Switch Languages Easily

IslamicFinder is now available in three different languages; English, Arabic and French! The new website allows the users to change the language from the navigation bar and enjoy all the features in the language of their choice.

You are now an IslamicFinder Ninja! Happy exploring!

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