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Is Celebrating New Year Forbidden In Islam?
IslamicFinder . December 30, 2021 . Updates & Features

As Muslims, are we allowed to congratulate Non-Muslims on their New Year celebration? Learn what Islam says about it.

Halloween 2018: Does Islam say Muslims can celebrate?
Guest Writer . November 02, 2018 . Knowledge

All you need to know about Halloween and the solutions to common problems faced.

Islamic New Year Vs. Gregorian New Year
Amna Anwaar . January 12, 2018 . Knowledge

Differences between the Islamic New Year and the Gregorian New Year.

The History and Importance of Islamic Calendar
Amna Anwaar . November 24, 2016 . Knowledge

Islamic Calendar is used by Muslims all over the world for Islamic events and dates. Learn about the history of Islamic calendar in this post.

All you need to know about IslamicFinder’s new look!
Warda Zahid . November 21, 2016 . Updates & Features

The new website of IslamicFinder is equipped with great and exciting features. Learn about them in this post and navigate the website with great ease.

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