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Home News Charity In Islam: Many Ways of Spreading Happiness

Charity In Islam: Many Ways of Spreading Happiness

IslamicFinder  .  Sunday June 12, 2022

Salam o Alaikum!

Giving charity brings us closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and allows us to attain His mercy in the afterlife. Not only does this religious practice benefit us spiritually but also the well-being of the wider society. 

Here are various ways we can reduce the sorrows of life and spread happiness for others through charity.

1- Donate Money

Whether we donate money directly to a family in need, the hungry, the homeless, or an organization, the vital idea is to share a part of what Allah has so generously blessed us with. 

2- Volunteer Time

Several people may not have the means to help someone in need by making monetary contributions. However, one can always try by volunteering their time and helping with Muslim community centers and non-profit organizations.

3- Smile

Just one simple smile – that’s all it takes to brighten someone’s day at times. That is why sharing a smile with our Muslim brothers and sisters is considered a charity in Islam.

4- Guide Someone On the Right Path

Similarly, helping our Muslim brothers and sisters by giving them advice and guiding them on the right path is also a form of charity deeply loved by Allah (SWT).

5- Remove Obstacles From the Path

Removing harm from the road is a simple act of goodness and a type of charity suggested to us by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself.

6- Support the People With Disabilities

Leading the way for the blind, listening to the deaf, and supporting people with disabilities, in general, is a form of charity. Also, it is one of the most humble ways of showing humility to Allah (SWT).

Besides this, secretly helping others in need, doing dhikr, taking care of orphan children, planting a tree, and even offering water to the thirsty – all these deeds are considered charity in Islam that we can practice in our everyday lives.

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