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9 Reasons to Donate to Zakat Foundation of America
IslamicFinder . October 15, 2022 . Knowledge

Let’s donate now and make a positive difference helping those in need!

Charity In Islam: Many Ways of Spreading Happiness
IslamicFinder . June 12, 2022 . Knowledge

The best examples of charity in our everyday lives!

5 Things to Do During the Last Ashra of Ramadan
IslamicFinder . April 25, 2022 . Knowledge

Let’s leave this Holy month better than how we entered it!

What Does the Holy Qur’an Say About Iman?
IslamicFinder . March 27, 2022 . Knowledge

Nothing is more dearer to a true believer than his Iman in Allah (SWT).

11 Ways to Bring Barakah In Our Life
IslamicFinder . January 30, 2022 . Knowledge

11 simple ways to regain the most essential component needed to lead a successful life - "Barakah"

Charitable contributions come in many forms
Rida Ghaffar . September 04, 2021 . Current Affairs

Help make an impact today...

A single Token of Generosity is worth a Thousand Smiles!
Rida Ghaffar . September 02, 2021 . Current Affairs

Make an impact in thousands of lives from today.

Significance of charity during Ramadan
Rida Ghaffar . March 18, 2021 . Knowledge

Learn how rewarding it is to give your share of charity in Ramadan.

COVID-19 has made the needy more helpless and deprived of resources!
Rida Ghaffar . June 26, 2020 . Current Affairs

Play your part in this pandemic and make a difference in the lives of thousands by a token of generosity.

These children need your help the most!
Rida Ghaffar . May 29, 2020 . Current Affairs

Learn how helping them will result in great rewards for you.

Why is it so rewarding to give in the way of Allah during Ramadan?
Rida Ghaffar . May 19, 2020 . Current Affairs

Give a token of joy to those who need it the most.

5 ways to be charitable in Ramadan
Salma Zahid . May 09, 2019 . Lifestyle

Ramadan encourages you to share your blessings with other people.

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