Many of you might be wondering and of course panicking about these new changes, getting you all confused about the prayer timings, right? Well yes, this year many regions have integrated the DST in their respective countries and some still have to enforce these changes. Now, you might be concerned about the prayer times because, of course they are a vital part of our daily lives. But, guess what? It’s time to save yourself from all the stress and just visit Islamic Finder or simply hit download Athan App, because the renewed DST timings are already up and running. It’s important to note that DST has been enforced in the following places since 10th March 2019:

5.Saint Pierre and Miquelon
6.Some areas of Mexico
7.Some areas of Greenland
8.Turks and Caicos Islands
9.The Bahamas
10.United States

On the other hand, many other countries have yet to apply DST. For Instance, European regions are expected to make DST changes by 31st March 2019. You can now install the Prayer Time App, both on iOS and Android; staying updated for all five prayers with convenience! Every fellow Muslim brother and sister needs to be aware of these changes and it’s no one but you, who can further voice up this message leading to awareness!