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Home News Four Charged by US Police in Plot to Attack Muslim Community

Four Charged by US Police in Plot to Attack Muslim Community

Rida Ghaffar  .  Tuesday January 29, 2019
 . Current Affairs

Could you imagine US Police taking such a step for a Muslim community residing there? Seems quite unimaginable doesn’t it? Well, it’s true and we hope that they do carry out measures necessary to punish the suspects!

According to CNN, a total of four people; three men and a high school student, were charged with plotting to bomb an upstate New York Muslim community known as Islamberg. These four people are the residents of the Rochester area. This information was reported by the authorities on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019. Although, it's not known when the attack was going to take place.

According to the Associated Press, Brian Colaneria, 20; Andrew Crysel, 18; and Vincent Vetromile, 19; were charged with weapons possession and conspiracy. Moreover, the 16-year-old high school student was charged as a juvenile.

At the time of their arrests this weekend, these men had access to more than 20 rifles and shotguns as well as three homemade explosives, Greece, New York Chief of Police Patrick Phelan stated at a press conference. Phelan also said that the investigation sparked on Friday, right after a student overheard the 16-year-old showing a photo of another student and making a comment:

"He looks like the next school shooter, doesn't he?"

That student reported the comment and school security immediately interviewed the students involved in the conversation. School security and Greece police interviewed both students and others and eventually “uncovered … a plot to attack an Islamic community in Delaware County, known as Islamberg,” according to Phelan.

Police searched five locations and seized 23 weapons, as well as electronic devices such as phones and computers. Some of the weapons were legally owned by relatives of the suspects, according to the AP news. Three improvised explosive devices wrapped in duct tape were found at the juvenile suspect's house.

Islamberg is a community operated by The Muslims of America, an indigenous American Muslim organization based in the U.S., located about a three-hour drive northwest of New York City. Phelan said investigators still need to analyze numerous phones and computers seized during their searches, so more charges could be forthcoming. A preliminary court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Police and analysts have also dismissed claims that the small community is linked to terrorism. In 2017, a Tennessee man was convicted of planning to burn down the community's mosque.

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This is surely a great news for us Muslims to know that steps for Muslim safety are being taken in USA. Let others also know of this and spread awareness.

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