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Hajj & Umrah: List of Mahram Relations In Islam

IslamicFinder  .  Friday June 24, 2022
 . Knowledge

As per the teachings of Islam, Muslim women performing Hajj and Umrah are obliged to make their journey and observe their rituals alongside a Mahram.

The necessity of accompanying a Mahram during this sacred journey is based on the following Hadith:

Abu Huraira RA reported, Allah’s Apostle ﷺ said:

"It is not lawful for a woman who believes in Allah and the Hereafter to undertake a day’s journey except in the company of a Mahram." – [Sahih Muslim]

However, who exactly is considered a Mahram upon a Muslim woman? 

A Mahram is a man who must be the woman’s husband or another relative – one who cannot legally marry her, according to Islamic law.

To make things easier to understand, here’s a list of relatives grouped into categories that Islam has deemed Mahram upon women in Islam!

Mahram Through Blood:

  • Father

  • Grandfather (and further ancestors)

  • Son

  • Grandson (and further descendants)

  • Brother

  • Nephew (sibling’s son and further descendants)

  • Uncle (paternal or maternal and further ancestors)

  • People who have no knowledge of women (i.e., children who don’t yet understand the differences between a man and a woman)

Mahram Through Marriage:

  • Husband

  • Father-in-law

  • Son-in-law

  • Stepfather (mother’s husband)

  • Stepson (husband’s son)

Mahram Through Fosterage:

Whoever is considered a Mahram through blood relations in Islam is also considered a Mahram through foster relations.

As per Hadith:

Ibn Abbas narrated, the Prophet ﷺ said about Hamza’s daughter:

"I am not legally permitted to marry her, as foster relations are treated like blood relations (in marital affairs). She is the daughter of my foster brother." – [Sahih al-Bukhari]

And indeed, Allah (SWT) knows best – He is the All-Knowing!

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