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Home News How can you make your child's first Ramadan easier?

How can you make your child's first Ramadan easier?

Rida Ghaffar  .  Thursday February 24, 2022
 . Lifestyle

We all know how abstaining from eating for so long seems like a daunting task. Imagine what it would seem like to a 12-year-old? Of course, fasting is not just about food, but you get the point. 

Motivating children to fast is one of the responsibilities of Muslim parents. So, what should you do? Well, it is simple! A few things can ensure that your little one's Ramadan passes like a cool breeze. 

Here are some tips to make your child’s first Ramadan meaningful and convenient:

1. Welcome the month with balloons and banners

Yes! Ramadan calls for a celebration, and children need to feel the excitement right from the start. Get the children to set up space with banners like “Ramadan Mubarak”. Doing this will automatically lift their spirits. 

2. Appreciate their efforts

A child’s first Ramadan is a special occasion for you as well as for them. Appreciate their effort of fasting every day and remind them of the rewards so that he/she is motivated for the next day!

3. Plan a Ramadan party with their friends

Engaging your children and their friends with iftar parties is also a great idea to make Ramadan memorable for your little one. Due to the pandemic, planned iftar parties may not be the best idea, but there is always an option for a virtual one! Plan a zoom meeting and encourage your child to enjoy their iftar with their friends.

4. Indulge them in Taraweeh prayers

Take children along to Taraweeh prayers on selective days, if not daily. Doing this will give them a glimpse of the excessive Ibadaah we do during Ramadan and its importance. Embed a sense of togetherness and community spirit among them from the beginning.

5. Tell Ramadan Stories

You can research some Ramadan key facts and enhance the knowledge of your children. Moreover, telling different Ramadan stories will also serve as a form of inspiration and make them more determined. These anecdotes will give them good food for thought and ease the challenges they might be facing during Ramadan. 

6. Designating Quran recitation timings

Sitting together to recite the Quran with children will help them experience the holy aura of Ramadan. The drive to get more rewards automatically motivates young children. Reciting Quran together with family also makes it easier for children to stay consistent throughout the month.

7. Offer rewards

You can encourage your child to observe fasts throughout the month and build enthusiasm by promising a reward by the end of Ramadan. The prize could be anything from a picnic in the park to a slight increase in their playtime.  

Let’s hope to make this Ramadan exciting and full of motivation for children as well as adults. May Allah (SWT) bless us with immense rewards for the efforts we will be making this year. Ameen.

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