Have you ever thought about the struggles some people have to go through, even just for quenching their thirst with water? Well, here's a story that will make your heart pound for a moment, imagining the struggle of a young girl and how she used to make ends meet.

With one eye out for wild animals and strangers, Amira would leave her home just after sunrise to walk to a distant water source for her family. 

Extreme hardship caused by years of war and drought, has been made even worse by climate change for Amira’s pastoral community in Somalia. Amira made the long walk for water every day. She stated:

“We were not even sure if we would find half a jerrycan of water. With empty stomachs, we walked with fear through the acacia trees, sand storms and the scorching sun.”

Before she had safe access to clean water Amira said she only managed to spend two hours at her primary school since the rest of the day was spent in search of water. She added:

“Even when we did find water, it was often dirty and made us sick...my life has really changed since the well. I attend school full-time plus madrasa! I have time to play with my friends, and I have time to study in the evenings–all simply because we have a well!”

Mercy-USA came to the rescue and built wells in this area, making it possible for the people here to get safe access to clean water, including Amira and her younger siblings. They were finally given freedom from waterborne disease and were given the ability to just be kids despite hardships faced. After the well was built for her village, Amira attends school full-time and she also is studying Qur’an and Islam after school. SubhanaAllah!

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The author

Rida Ghaffar