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Home News Introducing Alif - IslamicFinder's New Learning App

Introducing Alif - IslamicFinder's New Learning App

IslamicFinder  .  Tuesday January 11, 2022
 . Updates & Features

IslamicFinder is proud to announce its latest app, Alif - a one-tap Islamic learning suite that helps Muslims perfect their Islamic knowledge through fun and interactive courses.

Alif by IslamicFinder offers a wide range of bite-sized courses on Quran, Salah, Islamic Lifestyle and other lifestyle topics that an average Muslim might have questions about. 

The app has been created by a team of Islamic scholars and Qaris to provide you the most authentic and accurate knowledge on-the-go. 

This innovative app is the perfect learning tool for you if you want to learn the basics of Quran such as Tajweed and proper pronunciation from ‘alif baa’ in Noorani Qaidah till the end in English through quick and interactive Quran audio courses. Download Alif App NOW!

What’s more? You can perfect the art of speaking, translating and reciting Basics of Arabic language, connected letters in the Arabic language, Quran verses and language movement also known as Fat’Ha through these Quran audio and video courses by Qaris. Navigate through the entire Quran in English by browsing through Surahs, Juz and Chapters.

In short, we have simplified online learning for you! Download Alif App NOW

Are you wondering why you need Alif? Here are some reasons out of many we could think of:

    • You get to munch on bite-sized Islamic e-learning courses that make education easier, faster, and more interesting!


    • It’s authentic and trustworthy! Alif’s interactive lessons are created by a team of Arabic language experts including Islamic scholars and Qaris.


    • Interactive and fun way to grasp the basics of Islamic knowledge and the Quran in Arabic and English from Noorani Qaida all the way to the advanced level.


    • It’s good for all age groups from 4 years to 65 years. There’s a learning experience for everyone in Alif.


    • Ideal for children, teenagers as well as recent converts who want to start Quran Majeed from the basics to advanced levels or enhance their Islamic knowledge on various subjects.


    • Perfect for adults who never learnt proper Tajweed or are out of practice that leads to wrong pronunciation and eventually wrong meaning.

  • Download Alif App NOW
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