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Introducing Alif - IslamicFinder's New Learning App
IslamicFinder . January 04, 2022 . Updates & Features

Download Alif by IslamicFinder for engaging courses on Quran Tajweed, Salah, Wudhu and more!

The Meaning Behind Zawal and Istiwa in Islam
IslamicFinder . December 28, 2021 . Knowledge

Zawal and Istiwa - Let's learn the difference between the given Islamic terminologies.

Learn Arabic-Vol 1
Mohammad Ahmed Shiwani . July 26, 2018 . Knowledge

Learn what some of the commonly used Arabic words/phrases in the Quran mean.

Origins of the Language of Jannah
Mohammad Ahmed Shiwani . April 16, 2018 . Knowledge

History of the Arabic language.

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