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Home News New Course in Alif App: How to Make Wudu

New Course in Alif App: How to Make Wudu

IslamicFinder  .  Friday January 28, 2022
 . Updates & Features

Trying to teach your little one how to perform Wudu and offer Salat? Do you want to refresh on your knowledge about Wudu?

Alif App's new course on Wudu by an expert Qari is the answer! This course offers a step-by-step guide on how you can perform Wudu and make the most of this purifying activity. Take time to go through each step, as explained by Sunnah, and ensure you can perform Ablution without interruptions in the specified order.

Alif team's goal? Making it convenient to learn on the go. Download Alif now and embark on a journey to Islamic knowledge!

What’s more? Understand the importance of Wudu and munch on snackable information around Ablution by Liking our Facebook page and following our Instagram handle.

Alif by IslamicFinder offers a suite of Islamic courses with simple bite-sized video content and exercises. Our interactive and engaging courses are designed to enhance the ease of your journey of Islamic learning.

From reading the Quran. improving upon your Arabic pronunciation, brushing up on Tajweed's rules, making Wudu, performing Salah, or learning more about the purification of mind, body, and soul — Alif has all this and much more in store for you! So what are you waiting for?

Download the app now!

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