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Salam Ramadan

Hamda Abdul Rauf  .  Thursday March 25, 2021
 . Lifestyle

As Muslims worldwide are awaiting the Holy month of Ramadan, IslamicFinder has launched its distinguished Ramadan 2021 page, to help Muslims observe the Holy month with zeal and zest. In a few days, around 2 billion people around the world will welcome Ramadan, fasting from dawn to sunset and gather with families and loved ones for meals, laughter, and stories.

So, whether you want to know about the blessings of Ramadan, foods Muslims eat in different parts of the world in this holy month, or get to know the things you can do when you’re fasting, our featured page will help you connect and celebrate Ramadan with millions of Muslims.

Here are some noticeable features of the page.

Ramadan Calendar

On Ramadan 2021 page, you are going to get a customized Islamic calendar featuring suhoor and iftar times of your location. You can print the calendar and hang it in your house or a Masjid near you to help fellow Muslims.

Zakat Calculator

Finding it hard to calculate Zakat? Worry no more. Ramadan 2020 page by IslamicFinder provides an easy to use Zakat calculator to make sure you don’t face any difficulty in purification of your wealth.

Tips for Ramadan

All of us want to give our best in Ramadan and often find it hard to balance deen and dunya in this month. To help the Ummah breeze through Ramadan, we have stocked up Ramadan 2021 page with tips and information about the holy month. From best practices to addressing important issues like making up for a missed fast, Ramadan 2021 page has got you covered.

Dua and Quran

Furthermore, you can find relevant Duas for the three ashra of Ramadan, seher, and iftar. Most importantly, you can recite the Holy Quran with various translations and spend the day in Allah’s remembrance.

Islamic Places

Ramadan promotes a sense of community and motivates Muslims to go to mosques for prayers, suhoor, and iftar. To help you find a mosque near you and get you connected to the local Muslim community in case you are traveling, we have added the feature of Places on our Ramadan 2021 page.

With Ramadan 2021 page, we hope to answer all your Ramadan related questions and help you make the most of this month.

Let’s all welcome and celebrate Ramadan together. Ramadan Kareem!

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