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The History and Major Islamic Events of Shawwal
IslamicFinder . May 15, 2022 . Knowledge

Let's learn the significance the month of Shawwal holds in the Islamic calendar.

Questions About the 6 Days of Shawwal
IslamicFinder . May 06, 2022 . Knowledge

A short guide to your 6-day voluntary fasting in Shawwal.

Fasting During Shawwal: Significance Of the 6 Days
IslamicFinder . May 01, 2022 . Knowledge

What is the importance of fasting the 6 days of Shawwal for Muslims?

How Muslims around the world dress up for Eid-ul Fitr
Salma Zahid . May 31, 2019 . Lifestyle

Eid-ul Fitr is a time of joy and Muslims embrace it by dressing up their best for the occasion.

What is Fitrana and why you should give it?
Omam Khalid . July 09, 2018 . Knowledge

The payment of Fitrana becomes obligatory after the sunset on the evening of the last fast of Ramadan.

Shawwal Fasting: Importance of Fasting Six days after Ramadan
IslamicFinder . June 26, 2018 . Spirituality

Six day fast of the month of Shawwal will complement the deficiencies and disabilities found during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Hajj 2017: when is it and how long does it take?
Omam Khalid . August 04, 2017 . Knowledge

Hajj is a central pillar of Islam and is a testament of Muslim solidarity and their submission to the Almighty Allah.

What will happen on the Day of Judgement?
Omam Khalid . July 18, 2017 . Knowledge

It's not as far away as it seems.

The status of a Liar in Islam
Amna Anwaar . July 04, 2017 . Knowledge

The act of lying is one of the major indicators of a hypocrite.

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