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The 9 Sunnah of Drinking Water

IslamicFinder  .  Wednesday June 22, 2022
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Sunnah can be described as the teachings of Islam based on the interpretation of the Holy Quran and how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) led his life. 

As Muslims, we strive to follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in everything we do. So, here’s a short guide on the etiquette of drinking water according to the Sunnah (along with the relevant references)!

There are 9 Sunnahs of drinking water, which include:

#1- Sit Down When Drinking Water

Water should be consumed in a sitting position.

Hadith Reference: Sahih Muslim: 2024(a)

#2- Don’t Drink Directly From a Water Pitcher

Pour some water into a cup or small dish, and drink from that.

Hadith Reference: Sahih Bukhari: 5627

#3- Hold the Cup In Your Right Hand

Never hold the cup or glass you’re drinking water from in your left hand.

Hadith Reference: Sahih Muslim: 2020(a)

#4- Don’t Drink From a Silver Or Gold Vessel

It is prohibited to drink water from a container that is made of silver or gold material.

Hadith Reference: Sahih Bukhari: 5633

#5- Say “Bismillah” Before Drinking Water

Before taking the first sip of water, you should always say “Bismillah,” according to the Sunnah.

Hadith Reference: Tirmidhi: 1885

#6- Don’t Breathe Into the Vessel

Similarly, it is the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s way never to breathe into the vessel you’re drinking water from.

Hadith Reference: Sahih Bukhari: 5630

#7- Drink Water In 3 Sips (Or More)

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) always drank water in (at least) three sips and also advised others to do the same.

Hadith Reference: Tirmidhi: 1885 

#8- Say “Alhamdulillah” After Drinking Water

Always praise Allah (SWT) after drinking water by saying “Alhamdulillah.”

Hadith Reference: Tirmidhi: 1885 

#9- Drink Last When Serving

The person serving water to others should be the last to drink it.

Hadith Reference: Ibn Majah: 3434

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala grant us the opportunity to practice the daily Sunnahs of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in all matters of life. Ameen.

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