Vilma Habibah is the Co-host of America’s Islamic Radio. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Vilma Santos converted to Islam after gaining knowledge in Islamic Studies and changed her name to Vilma Habibah. She provides interfaith and intracultural da’wah (teaching about Islam) in Spanish for a number of organizations.

She found her true calling in community activism and has been an active member of the Islamic Community for over ten years. Her long list of achievements includes holding the title of Chapter Leader of IslamInSpanish New York. 

A lauded activist, Vilma Habibah is considered a role model in the Islamic community mainly for her insightful dialogue around Islam. Her radio show Building Bridges of Peace on America’s Islamic Radio is gaining popularity for opening discussions on relevant social issues. Her show also highlights the everyday heroism of Muslims. 

Vilma Habibah has numerous accolades to her name, such as the Humanity Award of 2014 and the Community Hero Award of 2018.  In addition to that, she won the prestigious “Woman Impact of the Year” award, presented by the United Nations. 

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Guest: Vilma Habibah, Co-host of America’s Islamic Radio

Date: February 28th, 2021

Time: 10 AM EST

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