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Prayer Times in Pakistan


Prayer Times

Top Cities in Pakistan

5 Ramadan, 1439 Hijri

City Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
Faisalabad 03:53 AM 05:09 AM 12:05 PM 03:44 PM 07:00 PM 08:16 PM 12:54 AM
Hyderabad 04:30 AM 05:39 AM 12:23 PM 03:50 PM 07:07 PM 08:17 PM 01:21 AM
Islamabad 03:45 AM 05:04 AM 12:05 PM 03:49 PM 07:05 PM 08:24 PM 12:51 AM
Karachi 04:36 AM 05:45 AM 12:29 PM 03:54 PM 07:11 PM 08:21 PM 01:27 AM
Lahore 03:48 AM 05:04 AM 12:00 PM 03:39 PM 06:55 PM 08:11 PM 12:49 AM
Multan 04:03 AM 05:18 AM 12:11 PM 03:48 PM 07:04 PM 08:19 PM 01:02 AM
Peshawar 03:50 AM 05:09 AM 12:11 PM 03:55 PM 07:11 PM 08:31 PM 12:57 AM
Rahimyar Khan 04:14 AM 05:26 AM 12:16 PM 03:49 PM 07:05 PM 08:18 PM 01:11 AM
Rawalpindi 03:47 AM 05:06 AM 12:06 PM 03:49 PM 07:05 PM 08:24 PM 12:53 AM
Sargodha 03:52 AM 05:09 AM 12:06 PM 03:47 PM 07:03 PM 08:20 PM 12:55 AM
Sialkot 03:43 AM 05:01 AM 11:59 AM 03:41 PM 06:56 PM 08:14 PM 12:46 AM
Quetta 04:22 AM 05:36 AM 12:29 PM 04:06 PM 07:21 PM 08:36 PM 01:21 AM
Abbottabad 03:43 AM 05:02 AM 12:04 PM 03:49 PM 07:05 PM 08:25 PM 12:49 AM
Bahawalpur 04:28 AM 05:39 AM 12:26 PM 03:56 PM 07:12 PM 08:24 PM 01:22 AM
Gujranwala 03:46 AM 05:03 AM 12:00 PM 03:41 PM 06:57 PM 08:14 PM 12:49 AM
Gujrat 03:45 AM 05:02 AM 12:01 PM 03:43 PM 06:58 PM 08:16 PM 12:48 AM
Kasur 03:50 AM 05:05 AM 12:01 PM 03:40 PM 06:55 PM 08:11 PM 12:51 AM
Larkana 04:24 AM 05:36 AM 12:24 PM 03:55 PM 07:11 PM 08:23 PM 01:19 AM
Mardan 03:46 AM 05:06 AM 12:08 PM 03:53 PM 07:09 PM 08:29 PM 12:53 AM
Mingora 03:44 AM 05:04 AM 12:08 PM 03:54 PM 07:10 PM 08:31 PM 12:52 AM
Nawabshah 04:27 AM 05:38 AM 12:23 PM 03:52 PM 07:08 PM 08:19 PM 01:20 AM
Okara 03:54 AM 05:09 AM 12:03 PM 03:41 PM 06:57 PM 08:13 PM 12:55 AM
Sahiwal 03:55 AM 05:10 AM 12:05 PM 03:43 PM 06:58 PM 08:14 PM 12:56 AM
Shahdara 04:05 AM 05:19 AM 12:10 PM 03:46 PM 07:01 PM 08:16 PM 01:03 AM
Sheikhupura 03:48 AM 05:05 AM 12:01 PM 03:41 PM 06:57 PM 08:14 PM 12:51 AM
Sukkur 04:21 AM 05:33 AM 12:22 PM 03:53 PM 07:09 PM 08:22 PM 01:17 AM
Taxila 03:46 AM 05:05 AM 12:06 PM 03:50 PM 07:06 PM 08:25 PM 12:52 AM
Wah 03:46 AM 05:05 AM 12:06 PM 03:50 PM 07:07 PM 08:26 PM 12:53 AM


All Cities and Towns in Pakistan

Abdul Hakim Railroad Station
N:30.555555, E:72.13194
Abdul Halim Wand
N:27.95, E:68.13194
Abdul Hamid Qureshi
N:26.209723, E:68.59028
Abdul Haq
N:25.409721, E:69.577774
Abdul Haq Bhurgari
N:25.266666, E:69.468056
Abdul Haq Khwar
Federally Administered Tribal Areas
N:34.09083, E:71.138336
Abdul Haq Kili
North-West Frontier
N:34.261665, E:71.87778
Abdul Haq Punjabi
N:26.956944, E:68.201385
Abdul Haq Sar
Federally Administered Tribal Areas
N:34.08139, E:71.126114
Abdul Husain Minor
N:26.466667, E:68.21667
Abdul Jan
N:28.422222, E:69.68056
Abdul Karim
N:29.933332, E:67.11667
Abdul Karim
N:27.5875, E:67.825
Abdul Karim
N:29.533333, E:67.925
Abdul Karim Bhatti
N:27.305555, E:68.6175
Abdul Karim Bhorti
N:26.95139, E:68.030556
Abdul Karim Jafri
N:28.080555, E:68.922226
Abdul Karim Kalhoro
N:27.195833, E:68.297226
Abdul Karim Khoso
N:28.3, E:68.816666
Abdul Karim Pali
N:25.284721, E:69.6
Abdul Karim Shah
North-West Frontier
N:32.754166, E:70.797775
Abdul Karim Walhari
N:25.434723, E:69.629166
Abdul Karimwala
N:30.725, E:70.68611
Abdul Kaur
N:25.452223, E:64.90889
Abdul Khaili Reserved Forest
N:29.616667, E:67.87222
Abdul Khair Logur
N:28.002777, E:69.611115
Abdul Khalia Koruna
North-West Frontier
N:34.268612, E:71.54528
Abdul Khalig
N:24.584723, E:67.617775
Abdul Khaligwala
N:31.126112, E:74.47444
Abdul Khaliq
N:31.133333, E:66.9
Abdul Khaliq
N:28.416666, E:68.68611
Abdul Khaliq Burira
N:26.747223, E:68.04305
Abdul Khaliq Memon
N:24.585833, E:67.587776
Abdul Khan
N:29.675, E:66.4125
Abdul Khan
North-West Frontier
N:34.333332, E:71.93833
Abdul Khel
North-West Frontier
N:32.399723, E:70.91361
Abdul Khel
Federally Administered Tribal Areas
N:33.913334, E:70.89833
Abdul Latif Khan
N:25.572222, E:68.54583
Abdul Latif Rahu
N:25.9875, E:68.416664
Abdul Majid
N:26.186111, E:68.65139
Abdul Majid Arain
N:28.94861, E:70.92083
Abdul Majid Bhambro
N:25.384722, E:69.416664
Abdul Majid Gola
N:28.383333, E:68.64167
Abdul Majid jo Goth
N:26.591667, E:67.58056
Abdul Majid Kalhoro
N:26.813889, E:68.13472
Abdul Majid Khan Gola
N:28.455555, E:68.58889
Abdul Majid Khosra
N:28.416666, E:68.59722
Abdul Majid Machhi
N:26.598612, E:68.06111
Abdul Manan
North-West Frontier
N:34.318333, E:71.705
Abdul Manan Kalle
North-West Frontier
N:34.284443, E:71.742226
Abdul Manan Kili
North-West Frontier
N:34.284443, E:71.742226
Abdul Manan Koruna
North-West Frontier
N:34.318333, E:71.705
Abdul Matin
North-West Frontier
N:34.269722, E:71.91972
Abdul Muhammad Koruna
North-West Frontier
N:34.273335, E:71.785835
Abdul Nabi
N:30.11111, E:66.967224
Abdul Nabi Brahui
N:25.772223, E:69.2
Abdul Qadir Jo Goth
N:25.809723, E:68.67917
Abdul Qadir Khoso
N:27.890278, E:67.638885
Abdul Qadir Mailan
N:30.813889, E:68.297226
Abdul Qadir Sanjrani
N:26.130556, E:68.69722

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