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Home News 5 quick meals for Iftar

5 quick meals for Iftar

Maleeka Saqlain  .  Wednesday March 21, 2018
 . Lifestyle

Ramadan is one of the most awaited months of the year for all Muslims. Where this period of the year teaches us control and abstinence, it also brings with it the perfect mix of savory food every day for exactly one month. The different types of cuisines around the world reveal how diverse the iftar meals are and yet, how similar in their essence. That spirit of camaraderie invariably rings so strong, when Muslims gather in the evening and break their fast with delectable local cuisines.

Let’s look at five quick iftar meals from around the world.

1. Fried foods

Whether its “Samosa” in Pakistan, “Sanbosa” in Arabia or “borek” in Turkey, an iftar is generally incomplete without fried foods. These assortments are fried dumplings filled with different types of fillings ranging from vegetables, minced or ground beef, chicken and a dash of spices.

The best thing is that they can be frozen and can be fried whenever required which makes them super iftar friendly.

2. An assortment of mix fruits or salads

Another simple, yet extremely nutritious iftar meal comprises of lots of fruits, with a dash of salt and other spices. Different Muslim countries around the world add different dressings and spices to the fruits and legumes, but the basic dish is rather universal. Be it a simple mix of fruits, or fruits mixed with legumes and other veggies, this meal is easy to create and requires very less preparation time. To top it off, its light, nutrient-rich and very healthy.

3. Dahi bhallay

Dahi bhallay refers to a yogurt dish tossed with boiled potatoes, fried flour balls and a dash of spices and sauces. This dish, essentially from the subcontinent, is eaten around the world in different flavors. Yogurt consumption is very vital during the fasting season, and there is no better way of having yogurt than in dahi bhallay.

4. Chakchouka

Chakchouka is basically a tomato gravy tossed with poached eggs patented by Algeria. This has various variations and is consumed in different styles around the world. The basic ingredient is a yummy tomato gravy into which other veggies, eggs, and meat are tossed and cooked until tender.

5. Soups

Soups are a rich source of fiber, protein, and Vitamin C, due to which they nourish the digestive and immune system. Whether it is a simple lentil soup, like Shorbet Adas from Palestine or a mixture of various lentils cooked together, like haleem from Pakistan and Nuaimiah from Sudan, or a simple vegetables soup made from bone broth like the Harira soup in Morocco, soups are widely consumed around the world throughout Ramadan. Owing to their healing properties, healthy attributes and easy to cook method, Soups are a great meal for iftar.

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